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We are:

  • South Africa’s only predominantly retirement industry (institutional focused) digital media platform.

  • We provide daily information to retirement fund PO's and Trustees to assist them in the execution of their fiduciary role.

  • We also serve as a knowledge portal to advisers and consultants to retirement funds and members to improve their level of knowledge.

  • We publish articles and events on our website as well as on a large scale via social media.

  • We have daily posts of articles to over 13,000 people on LinkedIn and Twitter

  • Our weekly industry wrap goes out to over 450,000 people on LinkedIn that form part of our different affinity groups.


Contact us today to discuss how you can share in the success of the EBnet platform on 082 457 1833 or email us at



About Us

Our role is focused on:

  • supporting and providing daily news and information to retirement fund fiduciaries (Principal Officers and trustees), thereby empowering them and increasing their knowledge base and thus assisting them in the execution of their duties towards fund members

  • publishing centrally numerous pieces of industry research and publications to create better and more comprehensive access to all

  • sourcing, showcasing and introducing new technology solutions to the retirement fund industry to increase the effectiveness in the delivery of solutions and to better retirement outcomes for members

  • creating awareness of the need for a sustainable approach to investing and the various components of ESG

  • upskilling and informing fund members on financial matters and planning toward retirement, including the need to supplement their institutional savings through retail solutions

  • educating individuals without an institutional plan, on the need to plan properly for their retirement years

  • supporting fund/asset consultants, independent financial advisers and other industry professionals with broad industry research and information to help them advise their clients better, both in the institutional as well as retail environments

EBnet is a unique digital knowledge portal serving the retirement industry covering the traditional institutional pensions, healthcare, and personal financial planning arenas.


As South Africa's only independent employee benefits knowledge portal, we provide services to:

  • Retirement Fund Principal Officers and Trustees

  • Umbrella Fund Trustees and Management Committees

  • Company Benefit Managers, Remuneration and Rewards Managers and HR Managers

  • Retirement Fund Members and other individuals, all retiring one day

  • Fund benefit consultants, investment consultants, administrators, asset managers, independent financial advisers (IFA's) and other industry professionals.

EBnet operates completely independently with its own dedicated executive. The team is constantly looking for better ways to create value, using our digital platform, for the benefit of all industry stakeholders


Industry Visibility


Due to our popularity in the broader retirement industry and the constant traffic being pulled to the website via our daily and weekly newsletters as well as continuous social media activity, EBnet yields an endless opportunity to be visible in front of and communicate with the different stakeholders in the industry.

EBnet allows for the publication of articles on the website and daily / weekly newsletters, advertising via banner ads and videos, sponsorship of weekly newsletters, creation of dedicated sub-pages for advertisers and many, many more and offer a variety of advertising packages which are able to suit any budget.  

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