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Last week one of our regular readers wrote to me to share his opinion that the industry may not be spending enough time considering the downside of the new two-pot system, or at the very least, presenting a balanced view thereof. Depending on how old they are, or more specifically, how close they are to retirement, a member who accesses their savings now could have a significant impact on their future retirement benefits – in the tax they will pay plus the losing out of the magic that is compound interest for the balance of the period.

I also haven’t seen a lot of communication out there on the impact of two-pot on a member’s holistic financial plan. One of my Top Picks today is Pieter Koekemoer’s article on how the new regime affects your retirement annuity – providing a glimpse into the impact of two-pot on what we as the industry refer to as retail savings. A retirement fund member can no longer be seen simply in one dimension. Behind each individual record on your admin system is a complicated, unique financial story.  Who’s taking the time to read it?

PS If you’re tired of hearing about two-pot, join the EBnet Live Event on Tuesday at 4pm. M&G Investments and Aluwani Capital Partners will discuss the impact of the GNU on South Africa’s markets.

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The next event is the EBnet webinar on 16 July at 4pm, where M&G Investments and Aluwani Capital Partners will be discussing the Impact of the new government on SA’s economy.

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