EBnet 3-D Conference 2020 - Attendee Comments

"With COVID-19, we have gotten used to doing all our events on Zoom or other virtual platforms. However, EBnet's virtual interactive 3-D conference, using a gaming platform, was a completely different, unique and colourful experience.


Well done, EBnet!"


René Janse van Rensburg – Momentum Investments

“Congratulations EBnet for being able to quickly adapt to the current circumstances and produce an exciting virtual conference. It was an awesome experience to navigate to the various stalls and listen to the recordings at one’s leisure. The key note addresses dovetailed well with each other and was on point and relevant. I believe this may be the future for these type of conferences or at least some hybrid form of it. Well done and thank you Chris for your responsiveness. “


Auburn Meyer – BrightRock Life


"I just want to congratulate EBNET on a fantastic 3D conference. It is the first of it kind and I enjoyed every moment.


The look and feel of the conference made you almost feel that you are still at a real conference as you need to move around to get to the different stalls.


The content of each stall was well prepared. I liked the fact that I could visit each sponsor’s website , this gave more information which is not always available at a conference. The speakers pre-recordings were  great additions to the 3D conference as normally in an live event you only have time for 2 or 3 speakers where this time around there was an additional 10 speakers. Their content was very insightful and Relevant to our industry and well as during this difficult time that we are facing with a pandemic.


This was really an experience out of this world."


Braam Pool, Client Service Manager - Funds, Benefits and Annuities Division MIP Holdings


“Congratulations and well done on hosting EBnet’s first virtual interactive 3-D conference!

A great experience -thank you.

I thoroughly enjoyed the flexibility it offered me in visiting the exhibition stands from the comfort of my new “home office” and being able to access the excellent line-up of pre-recorded speaker sessions at my leisure.

Of particular relevance, in setting the scene in our new “Covid -19” world, was your choice of Keynote speakers namely Mike Saunders and Jeremy Swartz and their respective topics.

Whilst I consider EBnet to be at the forefront of digital trends in our local industry, who could have expected we would see 2 years of digital transformation in 2 months!! 

Keep up the great work.”

Margaret Cameron, Business Development Executive – Willis Towers Watson 

“Never thought Gamification would make sense in our industry but the EBnet 3-D Conference proved me wrong.


Thank you EBnet for such an amazing experience and the knowledge shared”.


Caroline Dibakoane – Head of Marketing at Sanlam Corporate.


“We could never have predicted the world we have woken up in due to Covid.


Companies have had to adapt quickly to stay relevant and the EBnet 3-D Conference is a great example of how creative and innovative EBnet has been in hosting their virtual interactive conference.


A great experience - Thank you”


Graeme Brien (Quoin Wealth) 


“The EBnet 3-D conference this year was a fantastic innovation in the midst of the COVID pandemic. 

The interactive digital experience with exhibitors, the calibre of the attendees and the content provided during the keynote  all combined to provide world class value. 

Great job, EBnet!"

Jeremy Swartz, Vice-President at TransparentBusiness

Jeremy was one of the Keynote Speakers at the EBnet 3-D Conference 2020