Value to you of the EBnet platform

Quite simply, there is no other platform that provides direct access to a comprehensive and engaged audience of retirement fund industry fiduciaries like that of EBnet and Pensions World South Africa.

So, whether you are looking to grow or maintain market presence or publicise a new product/ service, EBnet is the best option.

Due to EBnet’s popularity in the retirement industry and the constant traffic being pulled to the website via a daily newsletter and social media activity, EBnet yields an opportunity to be visible in front of and communicate with a niche market of retirement fund professionals and members.

EBnet’s reach is available to you

The estimate number of stand-alone retirement funds, trustees and Principal Officers in South Africa is:

EBnet’s audience consits of:

  • Retirement Fund Principal Officers and Trustees

  • Umbrella Fund Trustees and Management Committees

  • Company Benefit Managers, Remuneration and Rewards Managers and HR Managers

  • Retirement Fund Members and other individuals, all retiring one day

  • Fund benefit consultants, investment consultants, administrators, asset managers, independent financial advisers (IFA’s) and other industry professionals.

EBnet’s daily newsletter and social media posts goes out to over 15,000 direct contacts and we also have a weekly highlights social medial post going to our different affinity groups with over 800 000 members.

Spaces are limited so contact us now.


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