Alchemy Law Africa and Roodt Inc. join forces as Alchemy Law corporate and commercial legal services
22 Nov, 2022

Alchemy Law Africa and Roodt Inc. join forces as Alchemy Law corporate and commercial legal services

Johan Roodt, Chairman of Alchemy Law

The increasingly volatile social, economic and political environment gave rise to the need for increased speed and dexterity to address several complex legal issues, many of which existed in the arena of commercial law. For legal advisory firms Alchemy Law Africa and Roodt Incorporated, the solution to serving evolving client needs was found in strategic collaboration – a well-timed catalyst for a merger, built on a shared appreciation for the “art of law.”

The recent establishment of Alchemy Law was the culmination of a merger between Alchemy Law Africa and Roodt Incorporated – two commercial legal advisory firms that have built reputations on their long-standing commitment to excellence and a bespoke service offering in areas such as banking and finance, B-BBEE, capital markets, corporate law, competition, dispute resolution, mergers and acquisitions, mining and resources, and restructuring and insolvency.

According to Johan Roodt, chairman of Alchemy Law, the firms’ joint experience in providing professional services in the areas of corporate law served as a springboard for strategic growth in the ‘new normal.’

“The current market has seen a dramatic upsurge in the appetite for bespoke legal services that can help clients mitigate the uncertainties of the local and global climate. For us, the merger was an intuitive progression and an opportunity to enhance our collective expertise in serving these emerging needs,” says Roodt.

The operational philosophy of Alchemy Law stems from the concept of alchemy. Partner, Wildu du Plessis explains that the concept represents the ability to combine advisory solutions to produce expert, business-like solutions. “We refer to this as ‘the art of law’. Going forward, we will continue to lean on the strengths that lie in the diversity of our individual and collective experiences and energies.”

The newly formed Alchemy Law specialises in complex cross-border, African-focused legal matters, which calls on its team members to draw on their local and international expertise. As lead counsel, the firm will operate across several jurisdictions and time zones, empowering clients with the advantage of a world-class level of service.

The firm utilises technology and resourcing to support its nimble approach to corporate and commercial law. “We differentiate ourselves by providing transparency, certainty, and flexibility in today’s competitive marketplace,” says partner Morné van der Merwe.

“We are well-positioned to deal efficiently with the issues that arise as we explore new avenues and territories within the legal arena. We consider ourselves as being a disruptive legal advisory firm with the ability to play a key role in shaping the sector of the future and putting our clients at the forefront of those pivotal changes,” he concludes.

We look forward to the prospects that this merger presents and remain optimistic that it will provide us with the impetus to build a lasting legacy by developing the next generation of business-minded, solution-orientated lawyers.”


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