Alexforbes launches Impact Academy
5 Jun, 2024


Carina Wessels, Executive: Governance, Legal, Compliance and Sustainability; Lee Swan, Head of Sustainability; & John Anderson, Executive Solutions and Enablement; Alexforbes


Alexforbes has been thinking deeply about sustainability for several years, with their thought leaders and experts in the field assisting their clients to move the dial to ensure that they position their retirement fund as a “Retirement Fund of the Future”.


Understanding the potential impact of social, environmental, economic and governance factors on retirement funds and their members, and the opportunity that retirement funds have to not only manage risks which might impact on their ability to remain sustainable into the future, but to drive positive outcomes for their members as well as wider society and the environment, is becoming critically important.


By appropriately considering sustainability, funds can ensure that financial returns are not only rewarding, but also have an impactful outcome on the Fund, its members, society, the macro and micro economy and the environment.


When envisioning the Retirement Fund of the Future, it is about building a fund that is future fit and resilient in the face of unprecedented change. One that ensures that it considers multi-generational needs of all members today and into the future, and ensures suitable retirement outcomes for those members.


Alexforbes believes that sustainability is a journey and their Alexforbes Impact Advisory provides retirement fund trustees and principal officers with a full advisory capability to manage an increasingly regulated environment, which presents both risk and opportunity for funds.


The Alexforbes Impact Academy has been established to provide high quality, best-in-class bespoke training on sustainability for retirement funds to ensure that every retirement fund trustee and every principal officer is equipped to better understand sustainability and the myriad of complex topics which underpin it.


Alexforbes is pioneering the evolution of the South African Retirement Fund industry towards ensuring improved resilience and sustainability, and better member outcomes.


Do you want to collaborate with Alexforbes on the sustainability journey, reach out to them at




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