Anton Eser joins as CIO as 10X builds momentum
20 Jul, 2022

Anton Eser, who played a key role in transforming Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM) from its UK roots into a $1.3 trillion global asset manager, has joined 10X Investments as Chief Investment Officer.

He joins 10X as the business gains momentum in its transition from a specialist in retirement fund investing to a fully-fledged asset manager. 10X announced on October 29 that it had launched its seventh unit trust, the 10X Top 60 SA Equity Index fund. Other new funds and products launched by 10X in a few months of rapid growth include a MSCI World Index feeder fund, the 10X Money Market fund and a Tax-Free Savings Account.

10X Investments Chief Executive Officer, Tobie van Heerden, who also spent many years overseas building his career in global markets before taking up the position at 10X, said: “We are incredibly excited and fortunate to have someone of Anton’s calibre join 10X in such a key role for the business. He adds key skills and experience to the leadership team as 10X navigates this new growth phase.”

He added: “Recent growth is only the tip of the iceberg. 10X already has another three funds going through the regulatory approvals process, and the client demand is there.”

In his role as CIO at LGIM, Eser oversaw an investment team of more than 350 people across active, passive and solutions-based strategies. Prior to his role as CIO, he ran the fixed income business at LGIM, where he managed multi-billion-dollar global credit portfolios for some of the world’s largest institutions.

“I was fortunate to work with some fantastic individuals building investment strategies that focused on client outcomes and sustainability,” he says. “LGIM has been a pioneer in moving sustainable investing into the mainstream, and I am proud to have been a part of that.”

After 20 years in the UK, Eser returned to South Africa to build an asset manager focused on financial inclusion and having a positive impact.

“10X presents a unique opportunity in the South African market, where well-established global themes like sustainable investing, index strategies and client-focused outcomes are only just getting going. The opportunity is there for 10X to take the lead in all these areas and help transform the savings market in South Africa. I’m excited to join a very entrepreneurial team that is focused on that mission.”

10X CEO Van Heerden added: “There could not be a better time (for 10X and South African investors in general) for Anton to apply his significant experience and specialist skills to the local market.”


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