Aon Unveils Client Trends Report Highlighting Interconnected Risk and People Issues
13 May, 2024

Eric Andersen, President of Aon




Aon plc (NYSE: AON), a leading global professional services firm, released the 2024 Client Trends Report: Better Decisions in Trade, Technology, Weather and Workforce.



In this new analysis, leaders across Aon’s Risk Capital and Human Capital capabilities reflect on the profound transitions – or megatrends – driving increased volatility and complexity for the firm’s clients and opportunities to protect and grow their businesses. The four client megatrends highlighted in the firm’s comprehensive analysis – Trade, Technology, Weather and Workforce – are all interrelated requiring new strategies to address enterprise-wide risks.



“Every day, our clients across every industry and region tell us that it’s getting harder to make the right decisions amidst the volatility and complexity created by these megatrends,” says Eric Andersen, president of Aon. “Trade is becoming more regional and supply chains are evolving, clients are trying to manage weather risk, technology and AI are affecting our clients and their businesses and workforce behaviours and expectations are shifting. This is why we introduced our 3×3 Plan to go further, faster to accelerate our Aon United strategy and bring actionable analytic insight, globally integrated expertise and locally relevant solutions to help them act now on Risk and People issues and make decisions with clarity and confidence.”



The report offers a deep dive into the four client megatrends, covering:


  • Trade: The lifeblood of the global economy is the ability for commerce to flow freely. But due to its breadth and scope, it unsurprisingly faces several significant challenges — often interconnected and mutually reinforcing — including geopolitical instability, inflation, climate change, currency fluctuations and people availability.


  • Technology: Developments in technology have helped organizations unleash operational efficiencies, connect workforces and foster growth. Yet, these advancements have also exposed companies to new and evolving risks, such as AI-powered tools powering the workforce while creating new exposures to fraud and data security.


  • Weather: As the frequency and severity of natural disasters and extreme weather are increasing, significant economic and social impacts are heightening the need for action. While navigating increasing regulations and geopolitical nuances, businesses need access to enhanced data and analytics, climate modelling and industry collaboration to drive meaningful and coordinated progress.


  • Workforce: The inability to attract and retain talent remains one of the most immediate and impactful risks companies face. Striking the balance in managing costs while maintaining a compelling employee experience is critical to success.



Read Aon’s full report here and listen to the special edition episode of the “On Aon” podcast to hear more  from the firm’s leadership.








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