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As a central knowledge portal to the retirement and related industries, EBnet publishes a range of daily articles submitted by a range of industry organisations, experts and contributors. Readers can also comment on and contribute to articles.

The full impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is as yet unknown, but individuals have already begun to have their lives disrupted by the country’s economic shutdown, with retrenchments, salary cuts and forced unpaid leave making them take stock of their financial position.

The basic principles of financial planning are especially relevant at this time, but in the short term, cash flow is more important to many people.

To help safeguard you and your family’s financial security, here are some tips to follow to make sure you’re making your money work hard for you:

  • Draw up a budget – this is especiall...

Faced with the possibility of losing your job, it is easy for panic to set in as you consider your mounting monthly expenses and dwindling bank balance.

Debts such as medical aid, car and house payments and school fees do not stop, but there are ways to manage your financial affairs to navigate through this time. It is important to realise that retrenchment is not always a negative. Sometimes a voluntary retrenchment, accompanied by a package, can be a positive for someone, especially those who have been with a company for many years and stuck in a job or salary rut. So don’t let your emotions...

Rita Cool, Certified Financial Planner at Alexander Forbes Financial Planning Consultants says couples who make separate decisions about money argue the most about it.

“According to a UBS Investor Watch report, couples who truly share financial decisions feel the most confident about their future - but only one in four couples fall into this category.”

Cool advises couples to talk about money, saying “love gets lost if money is not sorted out”.

In many cultures it is considered bad manners to discuss money. “If you speak to your partner about money, the perception is that you are a gold digger. B...

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