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As a central knowledge portal to the retirement and related industries, EBnet publishes a range of daily articles submitted by a range of industry organisations, experts and contributors. Readers can also comment on and contribute to articles.

"I feel so inspired right now, I feel like completing three long registration forms" - said no one, ever.

Few things dampen the human spirit more than red tape.  We are inspired by interpersonal contact and stimulating subjects that stir the heart and mind.  Therefore, it is quite ironic that we engage new employees with soul crushing, tedious onboarding processes.

There is no denying the need for thorough administrative processes within any organization - it is a vital element of managing and control.  And it is also true that the onboarding requires orientation and administration to take...

The Digital Revolution has transformed the way that businesses operate and attempt to meet their goals. Over the past five years, the move away from paper to digital has resulted in this era in history being dubbed The Fourth Industrial Revolution. The retirement and pension funds industry has been no exception in adapting to these giant technological leaps, and online election software is one solution that simplifies these big adjustments.

Online election tools have begun to pop up in the market, with features that allow funds to conduct all their corporate election processes on the web. On th...

One of the most important life lessons you will have to teach your child is the value of money. The most effective way to teach financial management is by giving them an allowance. How much you give them and how often you give them money will depend on your own financial circumstances. Below are three important factors to consider.

Choose an amount appropriate for your child’s age

Consider what your child will have to cover with this allowance. The allowance of a 7 – 13 year old will differ from a 13 – 16 year old. Ask yourself the following: 

  • Could your child perhaps contribute to his/her...

Many companies are realizing the potential of using virtual reality (VR) in training employees as one of the most popular and effective uses in business.

Being able to fully engage an employee in a virtual world designed to present them with potential scenarios, job challenges, and unfamiliar technology before encountering them in the real world can save businesses a lot of time and money.

Many experts contend that the memory retention of subjects after a VR experience tends to be higher than after viewing video- or text-based learning materials. In their article in Education Psychology Review,...

Bad advice is worse than none at all… especially when it comes to your financial security. Make sure you choose a reputable, reliable financial advisor by sticking to the steps below.

When it comes to financial assistance and advice, as with anything else, it pays to shop around a bit before you make a decision. And it goes without saying that you should only be trusting someone who is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER. So once you’ve found a few of these (try looking at http://www.fpi.co.za/) here are the top ten queries you should resolve before you accept their services:

  1. EXPERIENCE: CFP® prof...

Is the current skill sets inappropriate for the adaptive, agile changing nature of work?

Is your organisation misfiring? Or worse, backfiring?

Is there evidence of silo mentality and non-collaborative behaviour?

Are staff misaligned with the organisation mission and purpose?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, most likely, something should be done about it. Read on to learn more about influencing factors and potential strategies to build the work force of the future.

The world of work is transforming with new technologies and industries changing the landscape and affecting how work...

Learn from the likes of Winston Churchill and Martin Luther King, and you’ll soon be on your way to realising the dream

In order to be convincing, you need to have substance. Once you have that substance, and it’s grammatically correct, you need to make it look as impressive as you know it to be. So, how have the best communicators succeeded in inspiring and persuading their listeners and readers? Let’s take a look at some of the techniques that have been the building blocks of effective and meaningful content since Aristotle decided to classify the basic elements of the art of rhetoric.

  1. Kno...

Training is essential to build knowledge and understanding. Finding better ways to do so is essential if one wants to ensure increased effectiveness and impact. Humans are visual creatures and around 90% of all information sent to our brains is visual in nature. Add to this audio and own muscle movement and you have a winning recipe.

Virtual Reality (VR) creates an immersive environment where subject matter is presented in a visually stunning, 3D format that most people will find far more appealing than regular old text or sitting in a classroom viewing a PowerPoint presentation.

VR is receiving...

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