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As a central knowledge portal to the retirement and related industries, EBnet publishes a range of daily articles submitted by a range of industry organisations, experts and contributors. Readers can also comment on and contribute to articles.

An investor’s journey has always been one of facing the unknown in the quest for sufficient reward in return for taking on risk – primarily defined as uncertainty. And in...

‘Keep It Real’ - A Gryphon Op-Ed Series: Part 4 of 5

There seems to have been a resurgence in the fascination with the mythological – movies like Lord of the Rings and Gam...

Believe it or not, but it is December already. Barring a surprise Christmas rally or a visit from the Market Grinch, we have a reasonably good idea what the calendar year...

It is always surprising how quickly attitudes change. When I was at university, cigarette companies produced sexy advertisements showing beautiful people skiing or sailin...

The quarter-on-quarter annualised GDP growth has come in weaker than expected. The market was looking to a decline of some -0.2%, with the print coming in somewhat worse...

Private equity (PE) has evolved significantly since the high-leverage era of the 80’s, when financial engineering was the name of the game. While cases of over-gearing do...

Private market investing is becoming mainstream in South Africa (SA) as investors shift to assets such as private equity, private debt, real estate and infrastructure.


‘Keep It Real’ - A Gryphon Op-Ed Series: Part 3 of 5

‘A meaning which fits the theme of "that's the way the money goes" involves pawning one's coat in desperation to buy f...

History is one of investors’ greatest teachers, offering rich lessons and valuable guiding principles. But this aspect of investing is very much a level playing field – t...

Hedge funds are an alternative asset class, using different investment strategies to enhance performance returns or reduce risk. Hedge funds can improve diversification b...

If 2018 was a watershed year for stewardship, then this year certainly picked up where last year left off. It wasn’t long before some key ESG themes came squarely into th...

In part 1 of this series, we raised the challenge of being realistic, both with your own idiosyncrasies and behaviour, as well as your expectations regarding your investm...

A Gryphon Op-Ed Series: Part 1 of 5

For those of us old enough to remember, this was the payoff line for a beer company claiming that they used only ‘pure’ ingredients in...

In less than two months the next decade will be ushered in. While it presents us with an opportunity to examine the decade that passed, it also allows us to look forward...

The dust has now settled somewhat following the disappointing Medium Term Budget and, lo and behold, markets are mostly up. While some have attributed this to relief that...

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