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As a central knowledge portal to the retirement and related industries, EBnet publishes a range of daily articles submitted by a range of industry organisations, experts and contributors. Readers can also comment on and contribute to articles.

Even if you’re back at the office now, online meetings are here to stay. You don’t have to look far to find advice about video conference etiquette – but what about how to ensure you’re heard?

Effective communication, you see, isn’t about just our words. When we speak, our communication has three basic components: the verbal, the non-verbal, and the paraverbal. Verbal communication includes the content of what we’re saying, and that includes the words we choose. Non-verbal communication includes body language like posture, gesture, facial expression and spatial distance, and paraverbal communic...

If Covid-19 had occurred 20 years earlier our current dire situation would have been considerably worse. Technology has enabled the migration of entire workforces to home offices, and the private and public sectors have banded together to push innovative technological solutions to tackle the latest global crisis.

Here are a few ways in which it’s used by South African companies.

A robot that’s the eyes and ears of a doctor

Enter Quintin. Computer tablet for a face, microphone where his mouth should be, metal pole body, and two wheels for feet. It’s a bit taller than your average 10-year-old, and...

Eventually, two-thirds of your office will work remotely, according to the experts. However, with all the benefits and convenience this comes with, productivity is erratic and measuring outputs almost impossible. How are your staff connected? Are they even connected? What are your staff doing at home? On the road? And what about your client data, is it being kept safe?

Your technical solution, or "tech deck" needs to be on the ball, or your business won't be. You can't miss a beat on any of these issues, or else you could be the one in three businesses that becomes another COVID statistic by th...

Big Data is a massive and complex subject. In this article we touch on a few key aspects of understanding what it is, where it comes from and one of the ways in which we are investing in it.


The term ‘Big Data’ has been at the center of the digital revolution conversation but its meaning and application is often misunderstood. At its most basic, Big Data refers to large volumes of structured and unstructured datasets from traditional and non-traditional sources which is gathered, processed and utilized to drive insights which in turn enhance the decision making process and streng...

The rise in cybercrime ranging from a data breach to identity theft, makes each of us vulnerable daily, as cyber criminals constantly seek to outsmart protective measures in place. This is of particular importance in the current ‘work from home’ environment as many people leave the relative protection of their work-based IT systems to use a home PC that may not be so well protected.

Cyber-criminals are clever, and if you don’t think anyone is watching you online, think again.

Cyber resilience should be what every business (and now home office space) should strive for, and it’s a constant task to...

In many industries, artificial intelligence is already playing a role in building value, both for business returns and social impact. Now it is being used to innovate on a new level by aiding and augmenting human collective intelligence.

Before the arrival of Covid-19 we were operating in a pretty predictable albeit complex and fast environment, anticipating major disruption, volatility and uncertainty.

We are able to do this based on our intelligence, that is, the ability to detect patterns in the world and in ourselves as agents in it. We’ve been able to achieve complex goals in what has been...

Lockdown has had a major impact on how people live, work and communicate. While most people are focused on food security and when they will be going back to work, life will never be the same for most industries.

The retirement fund industry is not one that people think about often, but a small player is making big waves to help the industry adopt technology and serve members remotely.

Total lockdown might come to an end next week, but our movements will be restricted for quite some time to come. It is estimated that it can take months for the economy to return to normal and for most people how t...

On 31 March 2020 Alexander Forbes became the first JSE-listed company in South Africa to successfully hold a virtual shareholders meeting following the imposition of a national shutdown on 26 March 2020. The meeting related to the passing of an ordinary resolution dealing with a mandatory offer waiver which was announced in a large-scale shareholder reorganisation on 22 January 2020.

A total of 90.93% of voteable shares were represented either in person or by proxy at the virtual meeting and 49 visitors also participated in the meeting.

The Meeting Specialist Proprietary Limited (TMS) facilitate...

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