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As a central knowledge portal to the retirement and related industries, EBnet publishes a range of daily articles submitted by a range of industry organisations, experts and contributors. Readers can also comment on and contribute to articles.

After initially deciding that it would not be paying the life insurance claim by the family of Nathan Ganas, Momentum announced on 21 November that it had changed its mind and would be paying out the claim. On 21 November, FAnews published a newsletter on Momentums decision to pay out the Ganas case. This generated a lot of interest among our readers and we received a lot of interesting comments.

FAnewsreceived the following questions and answers from Momentum. 

Are you going back on your decision to refute Mr Ganas’s claim?

A full disclosure of medical information remains non-negotiable. 

Our dec...

Seeking to offer investors greater ease and simplicity in investing, Cannon Asset Managers has teamed up with digitally-driven investment firm EasyEquities to launch a new range of user-friendly and cost-effective investment bundles.

Dr Adrian Saville, Chief Executive of Cannon Asset Managers, says, “One of our cornerstone principles is that investment success is driven by investing in good assets at the right price, and then giving these investments time to work and grow through the powerful force of compounding.”

“The range that Cannon Asset Managers has launched is built on the back of these...

According to the global Cyber Exposure Index, South Africa currently has the sixth highest average exposure to cybercrime, with businesses in the industrial and financial sectors being the most commonly targeted by cybercrime attacks. In fact, a global report by the Ponemon Institute has revealed that around 61% of small businesses experienced a cyber-attack in 2017.

Santho Mohapeloa, Digital Distribution Specialist at SHA Specialist Underwriters notes, cybercrime has become the top risk for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). “The SHA Cyber Security survey found that 42.5% of businesses...

One of the key pieces of legislation that the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) announced during 2018 was the impending implementation of a new set of the Policyholder Protection Rules (PPR). The new PPR will have a significant impact on group risk policies. The changes that the revised PPR will bring was discussed at the 2018 Alexander Forbes Hot Topics Seminar where Vickie Lange, Head of Institutional Best Practice at Alexander Forbes Investments, spelled out what insurers can look forward to.

Data protection

Lange pointed out that in order to communicate meaningfully with policyholder...

Has the beneficiary fund been able to build enough trust with members so that they may actually trust them to take further care of their assets while they are at a tertiary institution or acquire other employable skills? At Fairheads we are noting a growing rate of “discretionary money”, that is accounts that are not terminated at age 18 through the choice of the member as they know that their money is safe with us – indeed safer and more beneficial than some bank accounts.

Corporate governance

As a trustee, you should make sure that the benefits promised in terms of the beneficiary fund rules a...

Having and raising children comes with a price tag, a huge financial responsibility that must be seriously prepared for. We often hear that purchasing a home is the biggest expense you’ll take on but raising a couple of children will exceed that for most people.

Money plays a vital role in raising a child and the financial responsibility that comes with it must be put into considerations when you prepare to become a parent. Having kids like getting married must be prepared for and apart from the mental readiness to face the struggle that comes with parenting, financial readiness is equally impo...

When the HIV/AIDS epidemic began gaining momentum in the 1980s, a diagnosis was seen as a certain death sentence, with life insurance companies across the board refusing to cover individuals who tested positive for HIV.

Over time, however, a better understanding of the disease and rapid medical advances have meant that people with HIV/AIDS are now reaching life expectancies that are “almost normal”, provided the disease is identified early enough and treatment protocols adhered to, along with maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.

This is according to Jonathan Elcock, founder and CEO of Compa...

Land restitution remains a burning question in South Africa and remains an emotional, highly charged, divisive matter. Johan Fourie, associate professor in economics at Stellenbosch University, looks are countries that got it right and what we can learn from them.


We all know the arguments against expropriation without compensation and its effect on investment. When farmers realise they may lose their land, they are less likely to maintain or expand irrigation, build more storage facilities or buy new tractors or harvesters.

When banks realise that their clients may lose...

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