Company Sub-pages

As a central knowledge portal, EBnet enjoys a vast readership across the retirement industry and is visited by thousands of readers per month. In addition, our weekly newsletter goes out to over 95% of the retirement industry stakeholders and creates a good platform for service providers to share products, services and thought leadership articles on.


Companies participating on EBnet may choose to purchase a dedicated sub-page on EBnet.


There are two display options available:

Customised page

This sub-page is fully branded and linked to the actual company website and can host articles, advertisements, videos, application forms, fact sheets, and many more. Branded articles published for a company / organisation can be directed to this sub-page where clicks to this article can be tracked to indicate interest expressed by readers. This can provide invaluable feedback to the authors on how much interest is shown in what was published.

Live Portal

This option involves creating a live portal frame embedded on the sub-page which displays the client's own live website. The default page is chosen by the client. The client's full site can also be navigated through this portal as if the visitor was engaging with the client site directly.

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