EBnet 3-D Conference 2020 

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The 2020 EBnet 3-D Conference!

The conference was a huge success and we have received numerous testimonials to that effect - CLICK HERE


Due to popular demand, the conference exhibition hall and all elements therein remained open until Friday 28 August 2020 having originally been scheduled only from 11h00 on Monday 24 August 2020 to 16h00 on Wednesday 26 August 2020. Scoring on the points system has however closed at 16h00 on Wednesday 24 August 2020 as this was the official published closing date of the conference.

Prize winners for those attendees with the highest scores will be announced by email to all registered attendees shortly.

We are grateful to all our sponsors and exhibitors who's contributions helped fund the platform and make this event so unique and successful.

Our conference was built on a unique platform designed to replicate as close as possible attending the real live event by allowing all our attendees to enter into a digital exhibition hall within which they can move around freely and interact with the various elements like exhibition stalls and pre-recorded speaker talks.

The platform is an on-line gaming platform and this allows us some flexibility as well as a few unique features.

To satisfy our exhibitors need to showcase their businesses to our attendees, we have created a points system that require attendees to visit the various stands and interact with a minimum of 3 items per stand (watch the video (1), download brochure (2) and (3)  download business card).  Once all 3 of these items have been clicked by the visitor, they can move on to the next stand. 

These accumulated points went toward unlocking the various content elements of the conference (live session presentations as well as pre-recorded speaker presentations) and ultimately, the attendees with the most points are eligible for the prizes so generously sponsored by Alexander Forbes, Momentum Investments and NBC Holdings.  

We thank everyone for their participation this year and look forward to hosting you at our next event!

Chris Brits

CEO - EBnet 

082 457 1833


Actual 2020 EBnet 3-D Conference Environment  Demonstration Video

Watch the movement tutorial below to learn how to move around...

Below is a quick demo video of the actual 2020 EBnet 3-D Conference virtual exhibition hall, pre-recorded talks, and live session. Some sections of the video may appear "jerky" as it's been sped up to conserve viewing time. 

2020 EBnet 3 D Technology Conference Spo

What we did last year....

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