Bryte Life Group Risk

Our Bryte Life Group Risk Benefit offering has been designed to take away the financial stress for your members and their loved ones.

Our offerings include:


Member Life Benefit

In the eventuality of death, both a traumatic and emotional experience for those left behind, a lump sum benefit is paid to the beneficiaries on the death of an employee.

Spouses Life Benefit

The employee can elect this optional cover for their spouse(s) or a life partner. A member may elect more than one spouse to be covered simultaneously. However, receiving this benefit is subject to all the provisions of this policy. If a spouse’s benefit is terminated in terms of this policy for whatever reason, the member may elect to effect the benefit for a subsequent spouse.

Accidental Life Benefit

We account for life’s unpredictability. In the event that an employee, member or member’s spouse passes away due to violent, external or accidental causes, a lump sum benefit is paid.

Credit Life Benefit

Throughout the ebb and flow of life, we accumulate debt. In this circumstance, a member or an employee’s Credit Life Benefit will be equal to the outstanding loan value at time of death.

Education Benefit

An indemnity benefit aft er the death of an employee or a member to assist in educating the members’ or employees’ children.


A benefit that is comprehensive and inclusive which allows employers to provide their employees and/or members with the option to cover themselves, their immediate and extended family in the event of their passing. Cover available from R5,000 – R90,000.

Disability Benefits

Bryte’s tailor-made solutions aid employees or members in the event that they are permanently or temporarily unable to perform their daily work functions. We offer a range of solutions to fit any need in the form of a lump sum or continuous benefits paid for a specific term.

Income Disability Benefit

Provides an income to employees or members that are unable to earn one due to disability. Subject to product maximums 75% of salary scales or 80% of salary subject to a maximum benefit of R200,000 per month, R50,000 per month for the Retirement Fund Contribution Waiver.

Critical Illness Cover

Provides support financially if an employee or member is diagnosed with one of the conditions included in the policy. The tax-free, once-off payment helps pay for your treatment, mortgage, rent or changes to your home, such as wheelchair access, should you need it.


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We are here to guide your employees as they navigate financial decisions for themselves and their loved ones.





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