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Chartered Employee Benefits (CEB) is an independent, South African employee benefits company with an international partner headquartered in the USA. We provide consulting services on employee benefits to corporate boards of management and specialise in retirement funding, healthcare, wellness, and international benefits advice.

Our design philosophy is underpinned by collaboration with our clients to create bespoke solutions that speak to the particular needs of your company and employees.  As an independent company, we are not affiliated with any single product provider, thus allowing  us to formulate objective advice backed by a wide market perspective.

We understand the importance of an effective employee benefit offering and its pivotal role in employee retention and attraction of top talent. We recognise that each company has a dynamic strategy relating to its employees' remuneration, financial wellness, personal wellness, and company culture. We aim to support this by reviewing, critically assessing, and making recommendations on your company’s employee benefits to keep them competitive and relevant.

At CEB, we prioritise building long-lasting partnerships with our clients. By understanding your short-term objectives and long-term vision, we can create sustainable, incremental solutions which drive tangible results that foster employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Chartered Employee Benefits is an authorised financial services provider. FSP no. 24323

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