Just is a retirement income specialist who focuses on addressing the widespread, recognised problem of people outliving their assets in retirement. We rethink retirement, offering an innovative range of life annuities, allowing retirees to choose an income structure that meets their needs.

Just’s lifetime income is a post-retirement monthly payment providing a guaranteed income in retirement. The income will never decrease no matter what happens to investment markets or how long you live, and any annual increases in income get locked in.

Our products include:
•    Just Lifetime Income
•    Just Fixed Escalation Income
•    Just Level Income
•    Just Inflation-linked Income
•    Just Structured Endowment

An adapted form of Just Lifetime Income is also available as an asset class within a living annuity, commonly referred to as a blended living annuity.

We believe one-size-fits-all retirement income products don’t suit everyone. Research shows that many retirees would prefer to receive a guaranteed income for life, especially in times of uncertainty. And while investment tools are very effective in managing investment risk, retirees still risk depleting their savings if this is not managed effectively. Longevity risk requires insurance to provide income sustainability throughout retirement – no matter when it ends.

As an insurer, Just guarantees retirement income for life, giving you financial certainty and protection from outliving your assets.

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