We have a dedicated retirement funds industry group with extensive experience in providing services to both retirement funds and administrators. We have a considerable skills base in South Africa and have an in depth knowledge of the functions and operations within the Industry.

Assurance and accounting services

  • Statutory audits and section 15 reporting to the Financial Sector Conduct Authority;

  • Accounting, regulatory and governance advice;

  • Detailed checking of the roll up of individual member records;

  • Checking on completeness and accuracy of migration of member data to a new administration platform;

  • Valuations of unlisted investments.

Tax services

  • Retirement funds reform impact analysis

Actuarial services

  • Identifying fund risks, assessing fund risk appetite and risk mitigation / risk transfer strategies;

  • Benefit design and implementation of cost-effective packages;

  • Checking of complex benefit calculations;

  • Independent assessment of assumptions and methodology in fund actuarial valuations;

  • Financial reporting on IAS 19 and IFRS 2 valuations;

  • Merger /acquisition support on risks linked to benefit arrangements, BEE trusts and share option plans;

  • Independent valuation of structured products or derivative overlay structures to hedge market risk.

Advisory services

  • Forensic investigations ,including data mining techniques applied to detect invalid benefit payments;

  • Information systems and process assurance;

  • Trustee and administrator training on retirement fund accounting and governance; and

  • Strategy development including IT strategy.

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