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EBnet 3-D Virtual Expo and Conference
25 - 29 October 2021   

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Experience a unique 3-D Virtual conference!

Following on from the extremely successful industry-first 3D Virtual Conference we held in 2020, we are again repeating this formula this year. 

The 2021 EBnet Conference will again be held in a completely digital online format and will use Gamification Technology to power the event and user experience. We have engaged the services of gaming programming specialists to create a fully 3D conference venue for us. The setting this year is a simulation of what it looks like on the inside of a computer!

It will be like going to any real-life venue, except, it’s done in a 3D environment where the conference attendees will register online and from there navigate into the 3D digital conference venue itself.


Attendees can move around freely inside the venue and interact with the different exhibition stands (including a live-chat function), live speaker sessions, and various pre-recorded speaker sessions by experts in the retirement industry.

In addition, we will have a fully online CPD Kiosk with multiple online tutorials and assessments with immediate scoring feedback.

Please see the CONCEPT DOCUMENT below as well as the REPORT-BACK from last year's conference showing the number of attendees over the 5 days. 

There is also a recent article on the usage of Gamification Technology setting out the reasoning for us using this methodology.

Contact us today on 082 347 1833 or britsc@ebnet.co.za to book your participation.

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Conference walk-through demo (Watch in 1080 HD)

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A Sample of our speakers - more being added daily

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