Envisioning the Retirement Fund of the Future: Alexforbes Hot Topics
6 Mar, 2023

Envisioning the Retirement Fund of the Future: Alexforbes Hot Topics

The Alexforbes Hot Topics Team


Our retirement funding ecosystem is undergoing a significant transformation, and we believe that now is the time to envision the retirement fund of the future.

At Alexforbes, we’re committed to being a force for good and helping you to make a positive impact in people’s lives. To that end, we’re pleased to announce the dates and venues of the Alexforbes Hot Topics for 2023 where we shall share our deep analysis of the retirement funding ecosystem, informed by the largest private sector retirement fund database in Southern Africa and shaped by research into the lived experience of retirement fund stakeholders.

During the Alexforbes Hot Topics, we’ll be discussing shifts in regulation, sustainability and benefit design that can help shape the retirement fund of the future. In addition, our team of experts have used leading-edge analytics to uncover the trends that influence member behaviour, so that we may collectively engage, excite and activate them towards a better tomorrow.

As a stakeholder in the retirement fund ecosystem, you will access insights, actionable strategies, and valuable connections within the industry by attending the Alexforbes Hot Topics.

Alexforbes reserves the right to decline requests for attendance or participation in the research at its sole discretion


To express your interest in attending or to share your lived experience via the research program, please contact us via AFInsights@alexforbes.com.

We look forward to making a connection!


The Alexforbes Hot Topics Team


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