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10x Investments

22 Jan 2021 - 22 Jan 2022

10X Investments is a disruptive asset manager focused on helping South Africans to retire with dignity. Using a simple, low-cost index-tracking investment strategy and state-of-the-art technology for both employers and members 10X ultimately helps members to retire with more money.  

Services offered to corporate clients include:

  • Umbrella pension and provident funds

  • Stand-alone fund management

  • Admin and investment services

  • Investment-only services

  • Employee benefits consulting

10X manages more than R14 billion in private and corporate retirement investment funds. Our clients include Virgin Active, EOH and Macquarie.  

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Alexander Forbes Investments

8 Apr 2021 - 8 Apr 2022

Alexander Forbes Investments was established in 1997. We are a forward-thinking and trusted global investment provider, with roots in Africa.


In Pursuit of Certainty we set out to understand our retail and institutional clients’ circumstances and risk tolerance to set clear goals.


Our adaptive investment approach, called Living*Investing allows us to maximise opportunity and minimise risk at every stage of the investment cycle. Living*Investing connects our clients’ goals to the investment journey with focus on the client experience.

We believe this is the only way towards achieving holistic financial well-being, ending the cycle of disappointing investment outcomes as well as fear and anxiety.

Axiomatic Ticker.png


14 Dec 2020 - 14 Dec 2021

Axiomatic Consultants (“AC”) is an independent company that specialises in a diverse range of services relating to employee benefits, strategic remuneration consulting, strategy consulting and African payroll with a very clear focus on ensuring that advice is integrated with and aligned to the business strategy of the client.

Our strategic objective is to provide world class, value added service where every effort is made to customise solutions to address specific needs whilst simultaneously ensuring that solutions are compatible with and compliment the client’s goals, strategy and business objectives.


Our mission is to be regarded as the foremost specialist consulting firm in Africa. We believe in long-term, focused partnerships with our clients on the journey to discovering their greatness and enhancing their reputation. All of our focus is dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive a value-added service which will allow them to gain a competitive advantage in their respective industries.


Colourfield Ticker.png


25 Feb 2021 - 25 Feb 2022

Colourfield Liability Solutions (Pty) Ltd (“Colourfield”) is dedicated to providing cost effective and innovative liability-centric management solutions to its clients. We are South Africa’s first dedicated and leading “liability driven” investment management business.


Liability driven investing (“LDI”) is an asset management strategy dedicated to considering both sides of a institution’s balance sheet (i.e. both assets and liabilities) and monitoring how the assets perform relative to their unique liability based benchmark.


We are an independent organisation and have an established and successful track record of mitigating the key risks associated with various types of liability streams.


Contact person: Costa Economou

Email address:

Telephone number: +27 (0) 11 994 5027

EBSA PA Ticker.png

EBS Africa Portfolio Administration

11 Sep 2020 - 11 Sep 2021

Investment Administration of Specialised Portfolios for Retirement Funds, Administrators, Institutional Clients and   Consultants

EBS Africa’s Portfolio Administration Services supports Free Standing Retirement Funds, Institutional Clients, Retirement Fund Administrators and Asset Consultants by providing a simple, fully automated and highly efficient Portfolio Administration Service in support of bespoke and generic investment portfolios.

EBS Africa provides a comprehensive portfolio administration service for all multi asset funds including Segregated Funds, Fund of Funds and Multi Class Funds. The service includes:

  • Unitisation

  • NAV/Unit Pricing

  • NAV Control

  • Fund Valuations

  • Cash Allocation and Rebalancing

  • Data Management

  • Reconciliations (Asset/Liability)

  • Look through reporting to stakeholders including SARB and Reg 28 reporting

  • Consolidations 

  • Investment Accounting Services




Contact us

25 Superior Road, Halfway House Estate, Midrand, Gauteng 

(T) +27 (21) 702 9300

Efficient Ticker.png

Efficient Benefit Consulting

9 Apr 2020 - 9 Apr 2021

Efficient Benefit Consulting is a specialist independent employee benefit consulting company that focuses on providing customised, value-added retirement fund solutions to members, employers and boards of trustees.  Efficient Benefit Consulting is a subsidiary of The Efficient Group, an integrated JSE-listed financial services company, and is an approved Financial Services Provider (FSP).

Efficient Benefit Consulting provides independent support and advice to clients in the ever-changing retirement fund industry. We are committed to assist trustees and management committees with managing their retirement fund, to achieve their goals and attend to members’ pre- and post-retirement needs.

We have a national footprint and offer the following services:

  • Retirement fund consulting

  • Group risk consulting

  • Asset consulting

  • Manage Section 14 transfers

  • Legal and technical support

  • Fund and member investment analysis 

  • Independent principal officer duties

  • Trustee training

  • Retirement fund counsellor

  • Member education workshops

  • Employee benefit induction program to employees

  • Member exit services

  • HR employee benefit training


We spend most of our time finding new and innovative value-add solutions and take pleasure in the enhanced savings we enable. Our consultants have various industry related and formal higher education qualifications.

Fairheads Ticker.png

Fairheads Benefit Services

9 Apr 2021 - 9 Apr 2022

Fairheads Benefit Services is Southern Africa’s leading independent administrator for products and services in the retirement fund and fiduciary industries. 

The administration of beneficiary funds and umbrella trusts has been Fairheads’ core business for more than two decades and we have evolved to include unclaimed benefits, a legacy umbrella trust product and pension-backed lending.

Our fiduciary heritage dates back to 1925 as one of the first trust companies in South Africa. Fairheads participated in the pioneering of umbrella trusts in the 1980’s  and later played a major role in bringing beneficiary funds into being in 2009. Clients can ask us to administer their own beneficiary funds, or they can choose to participate in our proprietary funds.

Thousands of dependants, many of them vulnerable minors, depend on us for the safe management of funds left to them by loved ones. In this way we make a valuable contribution to the education, maintenance, advancement and well-being of children all over Southern Africa. We never lose sight of this responsibility.

The Fairheads brand has been developed through a steadfast commitment to integrity, professionalism and service excellence.

Our Value Statement

We act respectfully, doing the right thing for the right reason to ensure our clients are safe with us.


GIRSA Ticker.png

Global Investment Reporting

15 Jan 2021 - 15 Jan 2022

REGULATION 28 and SARB Reporting Services – ISAE3402 Audit Certified


As the requirement for transparency and accuracy increases, retirement funds are being challenged to provide higher levels of assurance to Regulators that their members retirement savings are safe and protected.


Global Investment Reporting (GIR) provides comprehensive Regulation 28 and SARB reporting for retirement funds in South Africa and Namibia. Our process is audited quarterly using the international standard ISAE3402 for service providers.


GIR assists retirement funds with complete regulatory reports (Schedule IA, Schedule IB, Non-compliance and SARB D427) as well as Investment Policy Statement (IPS), fund manager mandates, product level and member level reporting. We apply the full look-through principle on all funds and account for derivative effective exposures.


Our range of services also extends to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting, Shareholder Proxy Voting and investment risk reporting for retirement funds.


For an obligation free consultation and fund evaluation please contact:


Laven Chetty, CEO | (010) 595 1010 | |


ICTS Ticker.png


1 Jan 2021 - 1 Jan 2022

Investment Consulting and Trustee Services (ICTS) is a niche financial services company providing independent support services to administrators, consultants and trustees/ Manco's in the retirement fund industry. 

Established in 1995, we have developed long term partnerships with our clients, built on trust and consistent delivery.

ICTS has been acknowledged by trustees, Principal Officers and service providers in the industry for our contributions in education, tracing and technology.

Importantly, ICTS is independent and unaffiliated to any service providers, funds or industry organisations.

We specialise in:

  • Trustee and member education

  • Death Benefit Consulting

  • Specialist Communication Services

  • Independent Trustee Services

  • Legal Services via ICTS Legal

  • Tracing Services via ICTS Tracing

We have a rigid process in place to ensure proper governance and compliance. 

High levels of security protocols are in place to ensure maximum controls.


Disaster recovery processes are in place to ensure business continuity. 

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Institute of Retirement Funds Africa

22 Jul 2020 - 22 Jul 2021

The Institute of Retirement Funds Africa (IRFA) is a non-political body which represents and promotes the interests of the retirement industry in Southern Africa, to the ultimate benefit of the members of retirement funds. The most important function of the IRFA is to represent the retirement industry in negotiations with government authorities and the Financial Services Board (FSB), which would include commenting on legislation and tax matters affecting retirement funds/pensioners etc.


The IRFA therefore depends on total support from all parties concerned with the retirement benefit provision industry.


The IRFA has been actively involved in setting out the key principles of retirement provision for all South Africans:


All segments of South Africa’s population need to be addressed by any retirement provision objective and policy. 


  • Continuation of tax incentives to encourage saving for retirement 

  • A solid funding and financing system to ensure stability and certainty for the future 

  • Transparency and member involvement 

  • Preservation of funds until retirement to be encouraged 

  • Provision to make retirement income inflation linked


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i-Value Professional Services Group

19 Feb 2021 - 19 Feb 2022

i-Value is a specialist in the retirement fund industry relevant to Corporate Governance Services including:

  • Business Process Effectiveness Reviews

  • Business Process Internal Control Reviews

  • Development of risk based internal audit mandates

  • Enterprise Risk Management Maturity Reviews

  • Enterprise Compliance Management Maturity Reviews

  • Financial Statement preparation, including working papers

  • Facilitation of Board of Fund self-assessment using i-Value’s assessment tool

  • Forensic investigations

  • Investment Management Business Process Risk Analysis

  • Investment Governance and Administration Reviews

  • Investment Migration Reviews


The current statistics relevant to our client’s indicate assets exceeding R 60 billion and member numbers exceeding 150 000. Our clients include:

  • Municipal Funds

  • Umbrella Funds

  • Private Funds

  • Employee Benefit Administrators

  • Investment Administrators


MenteNova CA Ticker.png

Mentenova Consultants & Actuaries

25 Jan 2021 - 25 Jan 2022

Mentenova Consultants and Actuaries provides specialist benefit consulting and actuarial solutions to corporates, retirement funds and other institutions.

We provide original thinking on retirement, rewards, risk, healthcare and investments to provide the best possible outcomes for our clients.

This includes the use of data analytics to find innovative and bespoke solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients.

Mentenova Consultants and Actuaries helps you do better business and achieve superior outcomes through happy, financially empowered employees.

If you need help with retirement savings and fund advice, employee benefits, rewards, corporate risk management, actuarial advice and consulting or advanced data analytics we can help you.

Mentenova Consultants and Actuaries help you do better business through happy, financially empowered employees.


"The information contained in this document does not constitute financial, tax, legal or accounting advice by Mentenova Consultants and Actuaries. This information is made available without any representation or warranty, either express or implied. Any legal, technical or product information contained in this document is subject to change from time to time at the discretion of Mentenova. Whilst every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained herein, Mentenova Consultants and Actuaries cannot be held responsible for any errors that may occur."

Momentum Inv Ticker.png

Momentum Investments

18 Dec 2020 - 18 Dec 2021

Momentum Investments was created as a direct result of Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited’s client-centricity strategy and journey, through the consolidation of all the investment capabilities across MMI Holdings, and was established on 1 December 2010. The underlying investment businesses that came together to make up Momentum Investments include Momentum Asset Management, Momentum Outcome-based Solutions, Momentum Investment Consulting, Momentum Alternative Investments, ERIS Property Group and Momentum SP Reid and Momentum Global Investment Management.


We have one shared objective, which is ‘to keep our clients invested’. We have 59 investment professionals with more than 808 years of investment experience as well as R572 billion assets under management and administration.


We offer a brand that has a strong reputation for ethics, honesty, integrity and transparency, as well as strong parentage, stability and governance.


We have a history of innovation and research unrivalled in the industry. This knowledge and skill is readily available and shared with clients. Momentum Metropolitan Holdings is our shareholder, affording us the stability and strength of a listed company. The security of the Momentum Metropolitan Life Limited balance sheet offers protection that few others can. This access to the support and resources of a larger group allows you the peace of mind that cannot always be offered by smaller companies in the financial field.

Ness Directory Functional Optimised.png

Ness Consulting

3 Sep 2020 - 3 Sep 2022

“Welcome to NESS Consulting Services (Pty) Ltd. At NESS we understand the urgency in the financial strain caused by the loss of a loved one, including the need for the family to sustain themselves before larger payouts from life insurance policies or social services benefits.


Our financial insurance packages are structured to take care of this and more.


Our Administration and Consulting Services to Financial Services Providers including Funeral Undertakers and intermediaries empower you to always know who your client is, your obligation to your client and the premium payment status of your client.


We guarantee our best attention and service at all times.

We are on your side”

Call: +27 (0) 11 715 9700


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NMG Benefits

5 Feb 2021 - 5 Feb 2022

NMG Benefits is the trusted partner of employers, medical schemes, pension funds, employees and retirees. We provide clients with unbiased and professional advice on the provision and management of employee medical, life and disability insurance, and retirement solutions.


Our approach is to help clients take a holistic view of their employee benefits programme to ensure the ‘common contract’ between the employer and the employee encourages greater productivity and loyalty, whilst at the same time protecting the future financial security of the business.


NMG provides advice to many blue chip corporations with a team in excess of 400 staff looking after the employee benefit requirements of more than 200,000 of our clients’ staff members and their families.


Financial security is at the heart of a business's employee benefits programme.


The advice we give equips employers with the confidence that the decisions they make on behalf of their employees are the right ones; decisions that protect the ongoing health and retirement opportunities of employees and their families, whilst ensuring business success.

Prudential Directory Alpha new.png

Prudential Investment Managers

12 May 2021 - 12 May 2022

Prudential Investment Managers is one of South Africa’s top 10 largest asset managers, with over R270 billion in assets under management (31 March 2021). Established in 1994, we are part of the M&G plc group, one of Europe’s largest active asset managers. We believe that Consistency is the only currency that matters. This has played a key role in our company ethos and investment process, having been dedicated to using the same prudent valuation-based investment philosophy for the past two decades. 

We take our responsibility as custodians of our clients’ hard-earned savings very seriously. Not only are we long-standing active and engaged shareholders, we are also signatories to the UNPRI (United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment) and CRISA (Code for Responsible Investing in South Africa). We consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in our fundamental investment process and are committed to promoting black economic empowerment within the communities in which we live and do business in.

We offer our clients a range of investment solutions to meet their risk and return requirements, from higher-risk equity portfolios to multi-asset offshore funds managed by our London-based partner M&G investments. For more information, please visit the Our Funds section of our website.     



PWC Ticker.png


2 Dec 2020 - 2 Dec 2021

We have a dedicated retirement funds industry group with extensive experience in providing services to both retirement funds and administrators. We have a considerable skills base in South Africa and have an in depth knowledge of the functions and operations within the Industry.


Assurance and accounting services

  • Statutory audits and section 15 reporting to the Financial Sector Conduct Authority;

  • Accounting, regulatory and governance advice;

  • Detailed checking of the roll up of individual member records;

  • Checking on completeness and accuracy of migration of member data to a new administration platform;

  • Valuations of unlisted investments.

Tax services

  • Retirement funds reform impact analysis

Actuarial services

  • Identifying fund risks, assessing fund risk appetite and risk mitigation / risk transfer strategies;

  • Benefit design and implementation of cost-effective packages;

  • Checking of complex benefit calculations;

  • Independent assessment of assumptions and methodology in fund actuarial valuations;

  • Financial reporting on IAS 19 and IFRS 2 valuations;

  • Merger /acquisition support on risks linked to benefit arrangements, BEE trusts and share option plans;

  • Independent valuation of structured products or derivative overlay structures to hedge market risk.

Advisory services

  • Forensic investigations ,including data mining techniques applied to detect invalid benefit payments;

  • Information systems and process assurance;

  • Trustee and administrator training on retirement fund accounting and governance; and

  • Strategy development including IT strategy.

Sanlam Ticker.png

Sanlam Beneficiary Trust

10 Nov 2020 - 10 Nov 2021

At Sanlam, our reputation is built on a devoted, vigilant and caring approach. We look at the world of beneficiary support differently. We assess each beneficiary’s unique needs and ensure that we build and preserve their income to maintain an appropriate lifestyle.


Our philosophy: Investment to create the right income – an investment to create the right outcome for all our beneficiaries.


With high PO and guardian satisfaction levels, our credentials as market-leading wealth protectors are well-founded.


As the second largest Beneficiary Fund in South Africa, we take care of 18 000 beneficiaries with R 2.1 billion assets under management.


We offer:

  • A Unique Life-Stage Investment Model

  • Competitive and transparent fees

  • Cost effectiveness, with required flexibility

  • Tracing of beneficiaries and guardians

  • Dedicated client account managers

  • Subsidy on food, clothing and stationary through our retail partners.

  • Annual Guardian Roadshows

  • Dial-a-teacher educational support service to students (9 to 18 years)


Schroders Ticker.png


28 Sep 2021 - 28 Sep 2022

As a global investment manager, we help institutions, intermediaries and individuals across the planet meet their goals, fulfil their ambitions, and prepare for the future. But as the world changes, so do our clients’ needs. That’s why we have a long history of adapting to suit the times and keeping our focus on what matters most to our clients.


Doing this takes experience and expertise. We bring together people and data to spot the trends that will shape the future. This provides a unique perspective which allows us to always invest with conviction. We are responsible for £500.2 billion (€590.3 billion/$662.6 billion) of assets for our clients who trust us to deliver sustainable returns. We remain determined to build future prosperity for them, and for all of society. Today, we have 5,100 people across six continents who focus on doing just this.


We are a global business that’s managed locally. This allows us to always keep our clients’ needs at the heart of everything we do. For over two centuries and more than seven generations we’ve grown and developed our expertise in tandem with our clients’ needs and interests.


Source: Schroders, all data as at 31 December 2019.



Investing in securities is subject to risk. The value of investments can go down as well as up and is not guaranteed.

SNG Argen Ticker.png


11 Nov 2020 - 11 Nov 2021

SNG ARGEN is comprised of a significant group of actuaries with an eye for precision and a bent for innovation.

We're an innovative and independent company, providing a range of actuarial consulting services and advanced solutions for our clients. We aim to create strategic partnerships with clients to ensure that their actuarial needs are met and that their businesses are supported in ways that provide them the actuarial flexibility, innovation and power to have competitive advantage.

Through SNG ARGEN we provide our clients with a depth of experience and expertise when it comes to actuarial services. With offices in South Africa and Namibia, and actuarial projects on the go in Zambia, Malawi, Botswana, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe, we are better positioned to support clients throughout Africa.

We also have experience in handling outsourced work from Europe, where we are the first non-European member of EURACS (European Actuarial Consultancy Services), Europe’s oldest network of independent actuarial and pension consultancy firms. Through this association we are able to introduce cutting-edge developments from the European marketplace that contribute to the uniquely African solutions we propose for our clients.


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Verso Group of Companies

4 Feb 2021 - 4 Feb 2022

The Verso Group of Companies consist of a range of independently established financial services companies. We specialise in providing:


  • Retirement fund administration

  • Umbrella fund solutions

  • Employee benefit consulting

  • Trustee and fiduciary services

  • Member communication and education

  • Savings and investments

  • Retirement planning

  • Personal risk management

  • Medical aid scheme consulting and gap cover

  • Short-term money market instrument intermediary services


Verso Financial Services (Pty) Ltd, one of the associated companies, offers comprehensive employee benefits consulting and retirement fund administration services that encompass all aspects of independent advice, prudent retirement fund management and best practice principles. Our handpicked employee benefits team remains abreast of legislative changes and market trends to ensure our client’s compliance with all regulations and legislation.


We support our Boards of Trustees by offering fund secretarial services, responses to Pension Funds Adjudicator complaints, investigation and recommendations in respect of the allocation of benefits in terms of Section 37C of the PFA and independent Trustee training, to name but a few.

AgendaWorx Ticker.png


9 Feb 2021 - 9 Feb 2022

AgendaWorx is an innovative tool to manage your board meetings and keep track of and assign tasks to attendees.


It is easy to use for both secretaries and meeting attendees, allowing for public and private comments, notifications on action items, tasking team members and prioritisation. Attendees are able to perform tasks such as uploading private documents and maintaining their personal profiles.

AgendaWorx saves you time, money and makes you wildly efficient.


It’s an easy-to-use, powerful and secure tool, AgendaWorx can be used anytime, anywhere. AgendaWorx allows you to share and work on your online board packs with ease of use and speed!

Allan Gray Directory Functional Optimise

Allan Gray

30 Nov 2020 - 30 Nov 2021

Allan Gray is a Southern African investment management firm following a contrarian, valuation-oriented investment philosophy.


Our objective is to create wealth for our clients over the long term. We seek to earn the trust of our clients by providing superior long-term investment performance and outstanding client service.


We offer our services to both institutional and retail investors and our clients include retirement funds, medical schemes, corporates, employers, endowments, trusts and individuals.


We offer clients access to a range of equity, fixed-interest and multi-asset class mandates. Investors can access our investment expertise through segregated mandates, institutional pooled portfolios and unit trusts.


Our umbrella retirement fund and group retirement annuity offer employers simple, flexible and cost-effective solutions to help their employees save for retirement.

BrightRock Ticker.png


14 Apr 2021 - 14 Dec 2022

BrightRock is the provider of the first-ever needs-matched life insurance, and the fastest-growing insurer in the individual intermediated risk market. We now offer group risk schemes the same needs-matched approach and market-leading benefits, like:

Industry-first, objective clinical criteria for temporary and permanent disability so members can qualify for pay-out on diagnosis of listed conditions. No vague, subjective occupation-based criteria.

No annual reassessments of permanent disability claims.

Trauma IQ – market-first cover for traumatic events and accidents.

Claim-stage choice between recurring and lump-sum pay-out (or combination) for permanent disability and death claims.

Members can double cover free of underwriting (up to free cover limit) and convert group to individual policy when they leave the scheme.

Cover priced to match the financial exposure of each employee allowing schemes to buy up to 30% more cover for the same premium.


Through our unique approach, we provide cost-efficient cover that truly meets members’ needs and provides greater certainty and flexibility – now and in the future. 

Coronation Directory Functional Optimise


16 Mar 2021 - 16 Mar 2022

Coronation is one of the largest independent asset managers in the country, investing the long-term savings of millions of South Africans.


Our clients include individuals, retirement funds, medical schemes and financial institutions. We also manage assets for several leading international retirement funds, endowments and family offices.

Our business was founded in Cape Town in 1993 by a group of investment professionals who left an established institution to start a dedicated fund management business.


With zero assets and zero clients, their objective was to build a world-class, investment-led and independent fund manager. Today, Coronation is 25% employee-owned and a leading brand in the South African investment industry.








EBSA RFA Ticker.png

EBS Africa Retirement Fund Admin

11 Sep 2020 - 11 Sep 2021

Independent Retirement Fund Administration Services Provider.

EBS Africa, a subsidiary of the EBS International group of companies, is a registered Section13(B) Retirement Fund Administrator established exclusively to perform independent, transparent, efficient, flexible and robust administration services to the South African and African market. 
EBS Africa’s administration services extend to freestanding and umbrella funds and include its own registered Cornerstone Umbrella Funds. 
In its provisioning of administration services to retirement funds EBS Africa operates completely independently of Asset Managers and Insurers.

​EBS Africa makes use of the world’s leading fund administration platform. This modern integrated platform is devoid of legacy hangovers and tailored completely to the South African market.


The platform has been used over the last 15 years to successfully administer some of South Africa’s largest Retirement Funds and to deliver technology solutions to complex environments where service delivery is an absolute prerequisite. 

Contact us 
25 Superior Road, Halfway House Estate, Midrand, Gauteng  
(T) +27 (21) 702 9300

ElectionWorx Ticker.png


9 Feb 2021 - 9 Feb 2022

ElectionWorx is a world-class online, SMS and smartphone election tool.


An easy-to-use, powerful and secure election tool that can be used anywhere, anytime: ElectionWorx allows you to set up and run your election with ease and speed, no matter how big or small!

It is easy to use for both the administrator as well as the people who nominate and cast votes.

The ElectionWorx system does not limit the number of people who can nominate or vote at any one time.

ElectionWorx saves you time and money and makes you wildly efficient.


  • Run your entire election online.

  • Upload an information document about your election.

  • Vote from any device, any platform.

  • Specify the number of times any one person may nominate or vote.

  • Load CVs of nominees before you open voting.

  • Audit your results to ensure the fidelity of all processes.

  • Upload a list of everyone who will be able to nominate and vote.

  • POPI compliant.


ElectionWorx was developed with security and confidentiality in mind: it is hosted in a secure environment and all information is encrypted.

Join the growing list of our completely satisfied election clients.  Contact us today and step into the future with green, great elections.

Finworks Ticker.png


2 Nov 2020 - 2 Nov 2021

FINWorks is a technology company specializing in IT systems for the investment and retirement industry.

A new generation platform making administration easy and cost effective. Applications range from account consolidation, needs analysis (FNA), compliance, document management and book reporting, to backend bulk dealing, liability/member registers and cash management. 

Different financial products on one single consolidated platform. Ideally suited for:

•    Pension Fund Administrators
•    Collective Investment Scheme Managers
•    Financial Advisers
•    Fund Managers
•    Investment Clubs (Stokvel) 
•    Life Companies
•    Link Investment Service Providers (LISP)
•    Portfolio Managers
•    Wealth Managers


Our online client and adviser portals deliver exceptional value for money. Have a look at some of our solutions relating to our system implementation and usage. We take care of all the infrastructure and technical details, all you need is internet access. 

Contact us for a demo.

Walther Behrens
+27 82 803 1170


GQM Directory Functional Optimised.png

GQM Fund Administrators

8 Dec 2020 - 8 Dec 2021

Established in 2007, the company’s “Administration Only” services are offered through qualified, independent consultants, with acquired specialist knowledge in the field of retirement funds.


This business model allows for independence and segregation of all service aspects relating to a fund, supporting the foundations of good governance and solid compliance. In addition, this offering brings the advantage of selecting from a full range of investments and risk benefits from across the market, that can be attached to the administration services.


The niche approach taken by GQM enables it to place focus on continuously developing its administration services and systems to ultimate efficiency.


This it confidently believes is what results in the “Value Add Service” to all parties in the service chain.


Strict administration processes and procedures are applied.


Consultants and clients are familiarized with these and are expected to conform to this in order for GQM to provide the promoted levels of service.


Interactive and pro-active communication is regarded as an essential aspect to the successful relationship with all stakeholders. Employers, consultants and members are communicated with through SMS’s, the GQM Mobile App and Web portals. Administration services are focused on 3 distinct areas:

• Stand Alone Funds

• Umbrella Funds

• Administration project services


ICTS Tracing Ticker.png

ICTS Tracing Services

1 Jan 2021 - 1 Jan 2022

ICTS Tracing Services is a multi-award winning tracing services company that provides services to administrators, life offices, consultants and trustees of retirement funds. 

ICTS Tracing Services provides a range of specialised products relating to the tracing of current and former members and beneficiaries of funds across many industries. 

ICTS Tracing has embraced Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) & Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) and they are fully embedded in our company culture.

Having invested in a state of the art call centre, unique software, the latest technology and, most importantly, highly-skilled and multi-lingual staff, ICTS Tracing has been recognised as the industry leader which has lead to us being the recipient of numerous industry awards.

Our services include:

  • ICTS Tracing & Document Collation Process (Level 1 & 2)​

  • Data Enhancing​

  • Member Tracing

  • ​Document Collection and Collation

  • ​Investigative Tracing

  • ​Verification of deceased

  • ​Bank account verification

  • ​Administration & Reconciliation

  • ​Client Reports

inStite Ticker.png

inSite Innovative Education Solutions

9 Feb 2021 - 9 Feb 2022

inSite Education is your all-in-one consultant for multi-platform member communication and marketing campaigns.  

Want to say something? At inSite, we help you say it! Whether to clients, employees, colleagues or an industry; whether online, with posters, slides, videos, apps, SMS, email or anything you can imagine... whether you know how to say it or not: we are there to solve all your communication challenges and have fun whilst we are at it.

We write, design, print, email, SMS and develop anything that you need to get your message across. You name it, we do it. Our goal is to help you really reach people with your campaigns. So that they actually listen and understand. No matter what the subject or medium, we can create a marketing or communication campaign that works for you and your audience.

Concerned your message is too complicated? Not to worry! At inSite we specialise in helping you break down complicated content into easily understandable messages. And we make it interesting and entertaining too. 

At inSite, we live and breathe innovation. Let us find creative methods to help you reach your target market. 

Contact inSite today and let's see how we can get your message across.


Liberty Ticker.png

Liberty Corporate

15 Mar 2020 - 15 Mar 2021

Liberty Corporate is a core division within the Liberty Group and part of the greater Standard Bank Group, our parent company. We are market leaders in employee benefits, investment and risk solutions to the South African business community. 

We provide a range of group risk solutions to choose from, also referred to as ‘insured benefits’. Mostly, these benefits relate to life, disability, health and dread disease insurance. In addition, we offer annuities which guarantee to pay an income for an employee into retirement. This insures against the risk of living longer than expected. For those employees looking to retain exposure to investment markets, our Living Annuity product is an attractive option. All of these annuities can be tailored to meet each employee’s unique income needs.

Liberty Corporate has a range of investment portfolios suitable as retirement funds and for businesses. These investment portfolios vary from specialist asset class investments to balanced mandates.

We understand that you need to focus on growing your business. Liberty’s umbrella solutions give you the flexibility to structure employee benefits that will empower your employees. This allows your employees to live their lives with the knowledge that their financial future is secure and their families are financially protected.

Liberty Corporate’s fully fledged administration team provides a comprehensive fund administration service to more than 11 000 retirement funds.

Liberty Corporate has been providing corporates, retirement funds, social security schemes and other institutions with a multitude of specialist consulting and actuarial solutions.

Mergence Ticker.png

Mergence Investment Managers

15 Apr 2020 - 15 Apr 2021 *

Mergence Investment Managers is an independent South African investment manager founded in 2004. The long-term objective and strategy is to build a truly African financial services company that provides world-class tailored investment and financial solutions whilst creating shared value. Our investment capability spans all listed asset classes, as well as private equity, private debt, infrastructure & development, and impact investments. Our clients are largely institutional, with a growing offering for individual investors.

​Mergence pioneered impact investing in South Africa with a strong track record since 2010. Guided by the aims of the National Development Plan, the Mergence Infrastructure and Development | Debt Fund was our first impact fund and invests in a variety of areas including SME financing, education, housing, energy and transportation and obtained a GIIRS gold rating in 2015.​


​In addition to the specialised focus of the Mergence ESG Equity Fund, we incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into our investment process. We encourage the companies we invest in to strike a balance between profits and being socially responsible, and to actively manage the environmental impact while maintaining high levels of corporate governance standards.


​We have offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Windhoek, Maseru and Mbabane.

Motswedi Ticker.png


1 Jan 2021 - 1 Jan 2022

Founded in 2019, Motswedi is an independent asset manager research business focusing on the South African investment management industry with specialisation in transformation initiatives. We are the industry leader in providing insight and access to the new generation of emerging asset managers in South Africa. We encourage the development of a more diverse industry that can contribute towards economic growth.​


As an asset management research business, we have a core competence in the understanding of and in-depth research of emerging asset managers. We offer a full-suite of investment manager research, implemented consulting solutions and off-the-shelf empowered multi-managed investment products. We engage clients in one of a combination of the following ways. 


  • Research - Manager research | Intense due-diligence | Industry insights

  • Strategic Consulting - Product development | Manager selection | Manager monitoring

  • Fund Management - Portfolio design | Portfolio construction | Portfolio management

Our vision is to create a financial services company which services both institutional and retail clients to better access high quality and exceptionally researched emerging asset managers. Our higher purpose is premised on “Reshaping the South African Asset Management industry” by promoting transformation, gender equality, skills development and stimulating economic growth through supporting and investing with transformed asset management companies.

Nieuman Ticker.png

NieuMan Chartered Accountants

1 Dec 2020 - 1 Dec 2021

NieuMan is an experienced small-sized audit firm that specialises in the Retirement Fund Industry.


Our overriding philosophy is to provide a quality, value-for-money service that includes partner level involvement throughout the process, reflecting the importance we attach to delivering a personalised and professional service.


Our clients can be assured of our undivided attention at all times and we believe in building relationships with our clients and their administrators to establish an open communication channel and creating synergies in our audit approach.

Our team comes with a wealth of Retirement Fund knowledge and in totality, has over 25 years’ experience in auditing of which 19 years was spent specialising in Retirement Fund audits.


Our client portfolio includes various administrators’ funds, where we have developed well established processes ensuring an audit that is tailored to meet reporting deadlines.

Boards need to take comfort from the work done by their auditors and we believe that our approach to retirement fund audits, our tools and the way in which we can strategically deliver our skills as well as our commitment to quality and ethical values, provide us with a niche advantage to meet their requirements.


Old Mutual Inv  Ticker.png

Old Mutual Investment Group

21 Jan 2020 - 21 Jan 2021 *

As invested as you are

We are a leading African investment manager with more than R570 billion in assets under management. Our focus is on delivering market-beating returns for our clients, being responsible stewards of the assets we manage, and benefiting the communities in which we invest.

Our multi-boutique structure ensures that the interests of our investment professionals are aligned with those of their customers because our investment professionals and boutique heads own equity in their business and invest their money in the portfolios they manage. They are also 100% focused on investing because they are supported by legal, risk, compliance, and other business operational services.

A comprehensive range of listed and unlisted investments


We offer the full range of listed and unlisted assets, including equity, multi-asset class, fixed-income, and index-tracking investments, as well as alternative assets such as property, private equity, infrastructure, and impact investments.

PSG AM Ticker.png

PSG Asset Management

1 Mar 2021 - 1 Mar 2022

PSG Asset Management offers investment management to long-term retail and institutional investors based on a bottom-up approach with a strong emphasis on risk management. We manage a suite of rand-denominated local unit trusts. We also give you access to global markets through rand-denominated unit trusts that invest internationally, and foreign currency-denominated global funds. This allows you to cater to your individual investment needs.

Partnering with Institutional Investors

The disciplined and consistent application of our structured investment process, coupled with our 'risk first' philosophy and longer-term view, makes us an ideal partner for institutional investors.

We understand that you're looking for superior long-term returns within a framework of capital risk commensurate with the fiduciary responsibilities of a retirement fund trustee board. We offer a spread of investment options:

  • fully Regulation-28 compliant balanced portfolios

  • asset allocation carve-outs, ranging from pure equity (domestic and offshore) through a risk spectrum of fixed income solutions to a money market facility


RobSav Ticker.png

Robson Savage

4 Feb 2021 - 4 Feb 2022

Our specialty

If you are looking for high-quality administration or untainted advice with the freedom to choose the best solution for your retirement fund or company, then you should talk to us.

With no links to insurers, asset managers or product houses, Robson Savage is un-conflicted and uniquely positioned to find the best cost-effective solution for you.


Our services

Full administration of all types of retirement funding arrangements, whether an umbrella participant or free standing fund, preservation pension or provident fund, retirement annuity or unclaimed benefits fund.

Technical expertise in employee benefit consulting, analytical actuarial and investment advisory services complement our core administration services.


It’s no surprise that our understanding and delivery of what retirement funds and trustees need leads to us being regularly nominated and winning the highest accolades for excellence in the employee benefit industry.


We are the Batseta Imbasa Yegolide Administrator of the Year for 2016!


Your solution

With a 17 year proven track record, Robson Savage offers world class service delivered by world class people.  Join the happy group of clients who have already discovered the secret!


Contact: +27 (0)11 643 4520: email

SARA Ticker.png


1 Jan 2021 - 1 Jan 2022

The South African Reward Association (SARA) is a professional body aimed at promoting the reward profession and practices. While setting minimum standards for the industry, we award professional status to eligible members in various reward categories and create knowledge-building, sharing and networking opportunities for our members and those operating in our industry. We do this to promote and develop the reward industry and to ensure sound reward management practices and acceptable standards in the following areas: 

  • Remuneration (Fixed and Variable)

  • Employee Benefits

  • Work-life balance

  • Performance and Recognition

  • Important components of the employee value proposition

SARA's role is to promote, develop and empower the reward profession in South Africa, and to ensure that Reward specialists and managers, human resources professionals and executives dealing with and responsible for Reward management, have the skills, confidence and passion for the reward discipline to make a significant difference in the way organisations position themselves to achieve their strategic objectives.  SARA plays a key role in the professional development of Reward professionals in South Africa through its internationally recognised training and internship programmes. 


Seshego Functional.png

Seshego Benefit Consulting

25 Nov 2020 - 25 Nov 2021

Seshego Benefit Consulting, a Citadel Holdings company, specialises in providing benefit and investment advice to companies or their retirement fund trustees.


Established in 2005, Seshego’s delivery of professional strategic consulting services is built on the philosophy of providing objective and unfettered advice. We have a well-tested approach to delivering our service, training consultants and managing operational matters for of our clients; including performance of service providers.


Our clients include leading employers both locally and internationally, and we believe this reflects the faith these clients place in our integrity and competence.

Our service covers a wide range of activities including investment, benefit structure, regulatory and compliance, as well as risk consulting inputs, but the key aspect is that our approach recognises each client’s issues and requirements so that solutions are appropriate and that the employee benefits arrangements provide contribute to the company’s benefits and remuneration strategies, whilst complying with relevant legislation. 


Sukha Ticker.png

Sukha & Associates

24 Jun 2020 - 24 Jun 2021

S&A is a black-owned, owner-managed, award-winning, and independent asset consulting company that focuses on providing high-quality investment advice, which includes actuarial and risk management aspects of investments. We offer a dedicated and tailored service to institutional clients and are known for our solid performance and risk management track record. The business was founded in February 2011 by Shainal Sukha and is a Level 1 B-BBEE contributor. The company is based in Cape Town and currently consults to more than R42 billion of assets.

S&A is the first black-owned asset consulting company to have become a signatory to the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investing. We have actively promoted a more responsible investment approach within our own business, the asset consulting industry and within our clients’ investment strategies. Our firm has built a strong reputation for ethics, integrity, and independence, which is why it has earned the trust of quality clients.

We are passionate about impact investing having seeded at least 3 blended finance funds on behalf of clients. We have experience in alternative asset classes including hedge funds, private equity and private debt.


AForbes Ticker.png

Alexander forbes

8 Apr 2021 - 8 Apr 2022

The leading retirement funds consulting and administration provider and corporate health consulting business in South Africa.


Three main divisions:


Institutional cluster: Largest provider of retirement fund administration, actuarial and consulting services in South Africa


Retail cluster: Focused on providing comprehensive financial and wealth advice and solutions to individuals


Health cluster: Provides medical scheme and health-related consulting and actuarial services to corporate and individual clients and medical scheme trustees. Consulting to corporates, including the management and assessment of, ill health, incapacity and disability cases as well as employee wellness programmes.

Ashburton Ticker.png

Ashburton Investments

1 Oct 2020 - 1 Oct 2021

Ashburton Investments is the FirstRand Group’s investment management business. We place our clients at the center of our thinking to grow and protect their money.

Despite market uncertainties, our focus on managing risk and volatility, as well as access to a wide range of sources of return, enables us to generate sustainable risk adjusted returns for our clients.

By tapping into the skills and capabilities of the broader FirstRand Group in both South Africa By tapping into the skills and capabilities of the broader FirstRand Group in both South Africa and international markets, we bring a broad range of traditional and alternative investment opportunities to investors. One such fund, the Ashburton Africa Equity Opportunities Fund provides access to a world of investment opportunities in Africa, and is designed for investors wishing to participate in capital markets with a medium to long term investment horizon.

Cadiant Ticker.png

Cadiant Partners

3 Feb 2021 - 3 Feb 2022

Cadiant Partners provides advice to employers, retirement funds and individuals on retirement benefits, investment strategy and healthcare benefits.

Our clients and advice services range from individuals saving for retirement through to customised investment strategies for large multinationals. We provide services to over 30,000 people and consult to assets in excess of R20bn.

We pride ourselves on clear thinking, a hands-on approach, and the highest levels of integrity and independence.


Discovery Ticker.png

Discovery Employee Benefits

1 Jul 2021 - 1 Jul 2022

Discovery: Helping to close the retirement savings gap. 

The global retirement savings gap is expected to grow to $400 trillion* in 2050, due to three main reasons: people are living longer, saving insufficiently for retirement, and withdrawing from their retirement savings when changing jobs.

Encouraging the right savings behaviours can dramatically reduce the retirement savings gap.


That’s why our retirement solutions drive positive savings behaviour by motivating employees to save more, save for longer, and manage their finances.


We are then able to reward their behaviour by adding boosts to their savings, helping them to close their retirement savings gap.

Visit for more information on our retirement solutions.

*World Economic Forum  


EBSphere Ticker.png


5 Feb 2021 - 5 Feb 2022

EBSphere is a leading provider of comprehensive solutions to the Employee Benefits industry.  EBSphere builds and manages IT solutions that enable companies to collaborate like market leaders both internally and with other companies.


Our Company's unique combination of specialist skills means that we can provide the solutions our customers need to operate seamlessly. By developing an effective, on-line comprehensive administration system the objective of EBSphere is to present a true and accurate reflection of the transactions of the Fund on an instantaneous basis.

At EBSphere we nurture a very particular culture. Our principles of Innovation, Integrity and Trust drive everything we do. Why do we do this? We believe these three words sum up the key attributes that will continue our success and best serve our customers.

We are always thinking about ways we can improve the customer experience. This is not just in terms of product innovation. We are open to new ideas and exploring them constructively.

Keeping promises is vital in building trust and loyalty with our customers. 

We are there to help you run a better business and the advice we offer and the services we provide are in your best interests.


Ensimini Ticker.png


17 Feb 2021 - 17 Feb 2022

Founded in 2011 and based in Parktown, Johannesburg, Ensimini consists of two companies, both of which are registered financial services providers. Ensimini Financial Services (Pty) Ltd provides consulting and advisory services and Ensimini Administration Services (Pty) Ltd provides administrative services.

Our experienced team of employee benefits professionals have been at the coal-face of the ever-changing employee benefits industry for decades.

Our experience, expertise and unique client insights allow us to anticipate how changes in the employee benefits industry will impact on our advice, services and products and allows us to continuously develop and maintain robust employee benefit solutions and strategies that improve the retirement outcomes of the employees and members we serve.

Our principal aim is facilitating the optimal application of every cent contributed by and on behalf of employees towards retirement funds and other ancillary insured benefit arrangements.

This ensures meaningful financial outcomes at retirement and relevant benefits in the event of death, disablement or other life-changing events prior to retirement.

We are administrators to retirement funds nationally with a total membership of 36,500 and advisors to retirement funds with a total membership of 155,000 with a combined asset value of more than R2.5 billion.


Glacier Directory Functional Optimised.png

Glacier by Sanlam

1 Aug 2021 – 28 Feb 2022

Glacier by Sanlam, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sanlam Limited, brings together leading experts and respected financial services companies to meet the needs of investors. 

Glacier provides access to a number of tax-efficient, local and international investment solutions to cater for a diverse set of needs – whether that be saving for retirement or for shorter-term goals.  Investors can select from a wide range of collective investments, as well as wrap funds and listed share portfolios via our platform.  

Glacier by Sanlam is a market leader in the retirement space.  We’re able to offer Life investment solutions, in addition to the platform solutions, and investors together with their financial intermediaries are able to combine different solutions, to obtain a sustainable retirement income stream.  We’re also able to offer investors solutions with guarantees, which many people are seeking in current market conditions.

We also offer discretionary fund management (DFM) and investment consulting services through Glacier Invest, currently the largest DFM in SA. Glacier Invest is a partnership between Glacier and Sanlam Multi Manager International, part of Sanlam Investments.

We’re committed to providing superior service combined with international best practices.  


Please visit our website, or, for more information.  Alternatively, you may speak to your Glacier representative or contact our Communication Centre on 021 917-9002 / 0860 452 364 or 021 917-9000 / 0860 452 237.

Glacier Financial Solutions (Pty) Ltd and Sanlam Life Insurance Ltd are licensed financial services providers.
Glacier Financial Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a licensed discretionary financial services provider, trading as Glacier Invest FSP 770
Sanlam Multi-Manager International (Pty) Ltd FSP 845 is a licensed discretionary financial services provider, acting as Juristic Representative under Glacier Invest

Glacier Invest is the discretionary fund management offering of Glacier Financial Solutions (Pty) Ltd (“Glacier’’). Glacier has partnered with Sanlam Multi Manager International (Pty) Ltd, part of the Sanlam Investments Group, to optimise the investment management responsibilities

Gryphon Ticker.png

Gryphon Asset Management

18 Apr 2019 - 18 Apr 2020 *

Gryphon Asset Management, established in 1998, is a specialist fund manager focusing on innovative investment products, retirement and collective investment portfolios.


Mandates are managed on a core-satellite approach, utilising a combination of Indexation (Passive funds management), Alternative Investment strategies and active asset allocation.


Our product offering covers the entire investment spectrum ranging from Fixed Income investment products to Equity- and Multi-Asset funds.


We aim to provide a range of products that are differentiated from our competitors in methodology leading to enhanced value-add and risk mitigation.


Our approach is grounded upon our conviction that in an efficient market more value is added through the allocation of assets; therefore, making use of indexation or passively managed stock is a pivotal part of actively managing assets.


Our earnings and low-cost track record speak for themselves across the product range.  


Our range of services include Asset Management, Financial Engineering, Transition Management and Financial Planning.


ICTS Legal Ticker.png

ICTS Legal

1 Jan 2021 - 1 Jan 2022

The employee benefits industry is a highly technical environment, often leaving service providers and trustees unsure, or even unaware, of all consequences of their actions. ICTS Legal Services is able to provide relevant and meaningful legal expertise to ensure that you have considered relevant law, case precedent and contractual obligations in your decisions.

We can assist with:

  • Contracts, mandates and Service Level Complaint responses to Adjudicator, Ombud, etc.

  • Drafting of retirement fund rules, employer letters, etc.

  • Financial services industry, legislative, regulatory and legal updates

  • Assistance with employee benefit and retirement fund matters

  • Managing litigation in conjunction with the business and law firm

  • Training and seminars for employees, customers and trustees

  • Assistance with the legal issues around internal restructuring

  • Assistance with, training and consulting on POPIA and TCF

  • Independent retirement fund Trustee, Chairman and Principal Officer services, including section 26 trustees

  • Policy drafting

  • Administrative services related to submission and management of rule amendments and adjudicator cases.

  • We can provide the above services on a flexible basis either directly to retirement funds, or through the intermediary broker or consultants.

Just Ticker.png


7 Nov 2020 - 7 Nov 2021

Just is a retirement income specialist who focuses on addressing the widespread, recognised problem of people outliving their assets in retirement. We rethink retirement, offering an innovative range of life annuities, allowing retirees to choose an income structure that meets their needs.
Just’s lifetime income is a post-retirement monthly payment providing a guaranteed income in retirement. The income will never decrease no matter what happens to investment markets or how long you live, and any annual increases in income get locked in.
Our products include:
•    Just Lifetime Income
•    Just Fixed Escalation Income
•    Just Level Income
•    Just Inflation-linked Income
•    Just Structured Endowment
An adapted form of Just Lifetime Income is also available as an asset class within a living annuity, commonly referred to as a blended living annuity.

We believe one-size-fits-all retirement income products don’t suit everyone. Research shows that many retirees would prefer to receive a guaranteed income for life, especially in times of uncertainty. And while investment tools are very effective in managing investment risk, retirees still risk depleting their savings if this is not managed effectively. Longevity risk requires insurance to provide income sustainability throughout retirement – no matter when it ends.  

As an insurer, Just guarantees retirement income for life, giving you financial certainty and protection from outliving your assets.


MenteNova Ticker.png


1 Feb 2021 - 1 Feb 2022

Mentenova, directly translated to mean ‘new mind’, is an award-winning financial services company that is synonymous with innovation, independence, excellence, integrity and long-term partnerships.


Since our founding in 2012, Mentenova has been at the forefront of innovation in the financial services industry. We were the first to launch a member-focused retirement consultancy model that focuses on the needs of the individual members of the retirement fund as opposed to typical blanket strategies built to suit the average member.


This new way of ensuring better outcomes for each member of the retirement fund quickly attracted industry attention and only 3 years after opening our doors, Mentenova received the Investment / Asset Consultant of the Year award, presented by the Council of Retirement Funds, BATSETA.


Our investment strategists continuously research local and global investment trends and economic developments and we offer tailor-made investment services that assist our clients in achieving their investment objectives with the highest level of consistency. These services include numerous innovative offerings such as tax-effective share incentive schemes, and a unique investment model to manage the solvency and liquidity requirements of medical aid schemes. 


It is as a result of this continuous commitment to innovation and excellence that Mentenova has grown to be widely recognised as the market leader in the industry.

MIP Ticker.png

MIP Holdings

20 Nov 2020 - 20 Nov 2021

MIP Holdings is one of the world's leaders in the provision of "risk-based" billing services to mainly, but not exclusively, the financial services industry. The company designs and develops software solutions that focus on the collection of contributions and payment of benefits in the employee benefits, healthcare, individual and group life, and integrated lending systems.


With a focus on meeting client-specific requirements and through extensive investment in technology, MIP "future proofs" its solutions. Strict adherence to industry standards, as well as stringent internal control over standards and quality assurance, ensure that the systems MIP develops meet all client expectations.


Expanding into the telecoms sector through its purchase of Itemate, MIP Holdings provides telecom operations and management solutions to communications service providers worldwide. The company's specific skills in the area of mobile pre-paid value chains, pre-paid product life cycle management analysis, voucher management systems and mobile financial services enable it to provide an end-to-end service. It's most recent acquisition, Waytag, further enhanced the company's ability to provide a comprehensive solution to its clients through the unique Waytag offering of location-based services.


MIP Holdings was founded in 1989 and is based in Johannesburg, South Africa with an additional office in Cape Town.

NBC Ticker.png

NBC Holdings

22 Oct 2021 - 22 Oct 2022

NBC Holdings (Pty) Ltd when it was established in 1998  was the first black owned and  black managed employee benefit company.

NBC aspire to be “Leaders in People Benefits in Africa” and its mission is to provide cost efficient financial services designed to meet clients’ needs; achieved through sustainable partnerships with clients, staff and stakeholders though out Africa


NBC  has extended its operations beyond South Africa into  Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Namibia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Ghana. NBC consults to and administers over 250 registered funds throughout Africa, with a client base which includes large industry – based retirement funds, government employee funds as well as retirement funds of many South African and African blue- chip companies.

NBC products and services include, Retirement Fund Administration and Accounting, Retirement Fund  Consulting, Legal Services, Actuarial Services. NBC Home Loans, NBC  Health Risk Management, NBC Investment Consulting Services, NBC Umbrella Retirement Fund, NBC Unclaimed Benefits Fund,  NBC Beneficiary Umbrella Fund, NBC Funeral Products, Personal Financial Planning Advice, Vukani Member Education, NBC Savings Plans, Short Term Insurance Trustee Training and Elections and NBC Legal Services.

NBC Legal Services run  free legal  seminars 4 times a year, in the different main venues in South Africa , which are open to all  who wish to attend.

NinetyOne Ticker.png

Ninety One

17 Aug 2020 - 17 Aug 2021

Ninety One | Investing for a world of change


We are an independent, active global asset manager dedicated to delivering compelling outcomes for our clients.


Established in South Africa in 1991, as Investec Asset Management,  we started offering domestic investments in an emerging market. In 2020, almost three decades of organic growth later, we demerged from Investec Group and became Ninety One.  Since we started in ’91, we learned the importance of recognising and embracing change and uncertainty. It’s taught us that active investing can be a force for good. It’s also given us a different perspective on the issues that matter – from how we invest sustainably, to the major thematic and structural challenges facing investors.


Today we offer distinctive investment strategies spanning equities, fixed income, multi-asset and alternatives to help institutional investors, those advising others and individuals navigate an ever-changing world. Our corporate structure ensures employees are stakeholders in the firm and with our founding leadership still in place, we are well-positioned to offer stability and a long-term outlook for our clients.