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AgendaWorx is an innovative tool to manage your board meetings and keep track of and assign tasks to attendees. It is easy to use for both secretaries and meeting attendees, allowing for public and private comments, notifications on action items, tasking team members and prioritisation. Attendees are able to perform tasks such as uploading private documents and maintaining their personal profiles.

AgendaWorx saves you time, money and makes you wildly efficient.


It’s an easy-to-use, powerful and secure tool, AgendaWorx can be used anytime, anywhere. AgendaWorx allows you to share and work on your online board packs with ease of use and speed!


AgendaWorx provides:


  • Access to all previous agendas with your own private comments and public comments should you wish to share with other board members

  • Access documents at each discussion item. Documents are accessed in their native format and not converted to PDF

  • Easy to use for meeting leader and meeting attendees

  • Create and send minutes before your attendees have even left the meeting

  • You never have to sync between devices, download software or wait for updates to software to download and install.

  • All the content and documents are encrypted and fully secured using the latest cloud storage facilities

  • Record and audio clip of decisions at the push of an embedded button at each agenda item. Makes the taking of minutes so much easier and does not require the whole meeting to be recorded.

Whether you are a large corporate or a start-up business, we have an easy to use solution that will benefit everyone. Contact us today to move your board to the next level!

The leading retirement funds consulting and administration provider and corporate health consulting business in South Africa.


Three main divisions:


Institutional cluster: Largest provider of retirement fund administration, actuarial and consulting services in South Africa


Retail cluster: Focused on providing comprehensive financial and wealth advice and solutions to individuals


Health cluster: Provides medical scheme and health-related consulting and actuarial services to corporate and individual clients and medical scheme trustees. Consulting to corporates, including the management and assessment of, ill health, incapacity and disability cases as well as employee wellness programmes

Alexander Forbes Investments was established in 1997. We are a forward-thinking and trusted global investment provider, with roots in Africa.


In Pursuit of Certainty we set out to understand our retail and institutional clients’ circumstances and risk tolerance to set clear goals.


Our adaptive investment approach, called Living*Investing allows us to maximise opportunity and minimise risk at every stage of the investment cycle. Living*Investing connects our clients’ goals to the investment journey with focus on the client experience.


We believe this is the only way towards achieving holistic financial well-being, ending the cycle of disappointing investment outcomes as well as fear and anxiety.

Ashburton Investments

Ashburton Investments is the FirstRand Group’s investment management business. We place our clients at the center of our thinking to grow and protect their money.

Despite market uncertainties, our focus on managing risk and volatility, as well as access to a wide range of sources of return, enables us to generate sustainable risk adjusted returns for our clients.

By tapping into the skills and capabilities of the broader FirstRand Group in both South Africa By tapping into the skills and capabilities of the broader FirstRand Group in both South Africa and international markets, we bring a broad range of traditional and alternative investment opportunities to investors. One such fund, the Ashburton Africa Equity Opportunities Fund provides access to a world of investment opportunities in Africa, and is designed for investors wishing to participate in capital markets with a medium to long term investment horizon.


For more information, click on our logo to view our website.

ASI Financial Services

As a B-BBEE Level 1 contributor in terms of the Generic Financial Sector Code Scorecard, we are proud to be the fastest growing independent financial advisory consultancy on the continent – advising in over 20 African countries and providing support to companies with over R42 billion in annual premium income and assets. Using global standards, we partner with several international companies.


Easier, faster and with precision.


With this in mind, our actuarial based platforms offer integration and efficiencies which reduces costs and improves outcomes. Return on Investment is the pulse of our work. And people are at our heart.


Fifteen years ago, in April 2000, the Financial Services Exchange (Pty) Ltd, trading as Astute, was launched. Astute became well-known as a reputable technology company that provides data exchange services to financial services companies and intermediaries.


Trading as a collaborative service between members of the Association of Savings and Investment South Africa (ASISA), the initiative was initially spearheaded by the Liberty Group, Old Mutual and Sanlam who set up the company on behalf of the industry. These three companies are equal shareholders of Astute.


Since the beginning, Astute has built a foundation based on 4 core pillars:

  • Innovation and efficiency,

  • Regulatory compliance,

  • Fraud prevention and protection

  • Trust relationships.


Astute moved away from a focused life insurance business to a general financial services focus. With Astute being the main aggregator of industry data, this will now be expanded to providing data of a person relevant to the investment, short-term and life industries. The strategy going forward is the single view of the person.  

Axiomatic Consultants

Axiomatic Consultants (“AC”) is an independent company that specialises in furnishing a diverse range of services relating to employee benefits, strategic remuneration consulting, strategy consulting and African payroll with a very clear focus on ensuring that the advice is integrated with and aligned to the business strategy of the client.


The strategic objective of the company is to provide a world class, value added service where every effort is made to customise solutions to address specific needs whilst simultaneously ensuring that such solutions are compatible with and compliment the client’s goals, strategy and business objectives. Every effort is made to ensure that our offering is progressive, innovative and is designed to furnish the client with a competitive advantage in their respective industry.


Axiomatic Consultants’ mission is to be regarded as the foremost specialist consulting firm in Africa. At Axiomatic we believe in long-term, focused partnerships with our clients on the journey to discovering their greatness and enhancing their reputation. All of our focus is dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive a value-added service which will allow them to gain a competitive advantage in their respective industries.

Batseta Council for Retirement Funds of South Africa (Batseta)

Batseta (a word in Sepedi meaning “Council of Elders”) is a leading industry body which contributes actively towards the advancement of the retirement fund industry through engaging with appropriate authorities and stakeholders.


The organisation undertakes interventions that ensure that the regulatory environment is conducive to foster a culture of retirement savings and that retirement funds are active owners of the assets in their care.


Batseta aims to contribute towards the personal development and growth of its members in order to provide services of high quality in the interest of retirement fund members and beneficiaries.


The organisation promotes a culture of organisational effectiveness, with capable people performing the right work with clearly defined role accountabilities and relationships through a “fit for purpose” structure.


Batseta promotes transparency, cooperation and collaboration as well as the highest ethical and governance standards for retirement funds and their fiduciaries.

Benguela Global Fund Managers

“Benguela is a majority Black-owned investment manager focused on delivering superior risk-adjusted returns for clients.


Our investment philosophy is grounded in disciplined, internal fundamental research.  This approach allows us to identify high quality companies with strong competitive advantages and sustainable growth prospects. Through our extensive internal research process we gain a thorough understanding of the companies in which we invest.


We offer local (SA) and global specialist equity and multi-asset investment management services.”

Brenthurst Wealth

Brenthurst was established in 2004 and has an established track record of exceptional service to clients. BWM maintains a high client retention rate by providing independent investment advice and focussing on building long term relationships. Our philosophy of searching for the best investment options contributed to Brenthurst receiving accolades.


Brenthurst is totally independent and therefore not obliged to invest with any specific investment providers. Contact the Brenthurst team now and discover how an actively managed investment portfolio can create and maintain wealth over the long term.

Brenthurst was one of the first companies to receive the FPI Approved Professional Practice™ accreditation. This award is a premier accolade and a recognition of adherence that BWM subscribes to the highest levels of professionalism. This accreditation also confirms that their financial planning practice and compliance management is of the highest standards and ethics.


Our commitment to investment success, wealth creation and wealth preservation is achieved as a result of individual ongoing advice, building long-term relationships and ensuring that our professional planners are continuously educated about ever-changing global market conditions.

“The fine art of managing investments requires consistency, patience and the critical ability to perceive a long-term approach to the creation of wealth and most importantly, the power of good sound investment advice.”

We have offices in Fourways Johannesburg, Sandton Johannesburg, Erasmuskloof Pretoria, Newlands Cape Town, Tygervalley Belville, Central Stellenbosch and Bambous Mauritius.


BrightRock is the provider of the first-ever needs-matched life insurance, and the fastest-growing insurer in the individual intermediated risk market. We now offer group risk schemes the same needs-matched approach and market-leading benefits, like:

  • Industry-first, objective clinical criteria for temporary and permanent disability so members can qualify for pay-out on diagnosis of listed conditions. No vague, subjective occupation-based criteria.

  • No annual reassessments of permanent disability claims, ensuring claim certainty and reducing the administrative burden on schemes.

  • Trauma IQ – market-first cover for traumatic events and accidents, automatically included with group life or critical illness cover.

  • Claim-stage choice between a recurring pay-out and lump-sum pay-out (or a combination) for permanent disability and death claims, ensuring members’ pay-outs best suit their circumstances at the time of claim.

  • Members can double their cover free of underwriting (up to free cover limit) and convert their group risk policy to an individual policy when they leave the scheme.

  • Cover can be priced to precisely match the shape of the financial exposure faced by each employee over time, allowing schemes to buy up to 30% more cover for the same premium.


Through our unique approach, we provide cost-efficient cover that truly meets members’ needs and provides greater certainty and flexibility – now and in the future. 

Cadiant Partners

Cadiant Partners provides advice to employers, retirement funds and individuals on retirement benefits, investment strategy and healthcare benefits.

Our clients and advice services range from individuals saving for retirement through to customised investment strategies for large multinationals. We provide services to over 30,000 people and consult to assets in excess of R20bn.

We pride ourselves on clear thinking, a hands-on approach, and the highest levels of integrity and independence.

Colourfield Liability Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Colourfield Liability Solutions (Pty) Ltd (“Colourfield”) is dedicated to providing cost effective and innovative liability-centric management solutions to its clients. We are South Africa’s first dedicated and leading “liability driven” investment management business. Liability driven investing (“LDI”) is an asset management strategy dedicated to considering both sides of a institution’s balance sheet (i.e. both assets and liabilities) and monitoring how the assets perform relative to their unique liability based benchmark. We are an independent organisation and have an established and successful track record of mitigating the key risks associated with various types of liability streams.


Contact person: Costa Economou

Email address:

Telephone number: +27 (0) 11 994 5027

Conceptual Fund Managers

At Conceptual Fund Managers, we are guided firmly by the conviction that central to our value proposition is our ability to meticulously select and blend specialist emerging manager portfolios. We seek to more effectively meet investors’ needs for diversification across asset classes, manager types, manager styles, geographies and currencies by providing them with a single point of entry into the wide, and rich, field of emerging managers with different, but complementary, investment management styles.

Why Conceptual

We believe we will only be successful if our investors are successful and, over the years, we have expertly mastered the art and science of blending financial theory and practical investment management techniques in the construction of our portfolios.

Our Conviction

We are of the firm conviction that there is an emerging-manager-performance-advantage that exists in investment markets. This conviction is premised on our belief that emerging managers are more nimble and opportunistic than large managers.

Emerging Manager Focus

Our manager-of-emerging-managers investment strategy seeks and blends only portfolios of disciplined, process-driven, high quality, small-to-medium sized, specialist investment firms run by experienced entrepreneurial founders and portfolio managers.

Tel: +27 21 422 3030 | Email: | Website:


Coronation was founded in Cape Town in 1993 by a group of investment professionals who left an established institution to start a dedicated fund management business. With zero assets and zero clients, their objective was to build a world-class, investment-led and independent fund manager. Today, Coronation is 25% employee-owned and a leading brand in the South African investment industry, solely focused on asset management. An active manager with a long-term valuation-driven investment approach, Coronation has a track record of delivering superior long-term returns to clients over the past two decades.


Our investment expertise extends across asset classes and geographies, with our longest-running strategies focused on specialist equity and multi-asset portfolios in global emerging and frontier markets. We operate as an integrated global team headquartered in Cape Town, and also have offices in London, Dublin, Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria and Namibia.


We believe we are one of the largest and most successful managers of institutional and retail assets in southern Africa and offer both segregated and pooled investment vehicles. Our clients include pension and provident funds, medical schemes, unit trusts, banks, insurers and other fund managers. We also manage assets for a growing number of international retirement funds, endowments and family offices.


Discovery: Helping to close the retirement savings gap. 

The global retirement savings gap is expected to grow to $400 trillion* in 2050, due to three main reasons: people are living longer, saving insufficiently for retirement, and withdrawing from their retirement savings when changing jobs.

Encouraging the right savings behaviours can dramatically reduce the retirement savings gap. That’s why our retirement solutions drive positive savings behaviour by motivating employees to save more, save for longer, and manage their finances. We are then able to reward their behaviour by adding boosts to their savings, helping them to close their retirement savings gap.

Visit for more information on our retirement solutions.

*World Economic Forum  



EBSphere is a leading provider of comprehensive solutions to the Employee Benefits industry.  EBSphere builds and manages IT solutions that enable companies to collaborate like market leaders both internally and with other companies.


Our Company's unique combination of specialist skills means that we can provide the solutions our customers need to operate seamlessly. By developing an effective, on-line comprehensive administration system the objective of EBSphere is to present a true and accurate reflection of the transactions of the Fund on an instantaneous basis.

Efficient Benefit Consulting

Efficient Benefit Consulting is a specialist independent employee benefit consulting company that focuses on providing customised, value-added retirement fund solutions to members, employers and boards of trustees.  Efficient Benefit Consulting is a subsidiary of The Efficient Group, an integrated JSE-listed financial services company, and is an approved Financial Services Provider (FSP).

Efficient Benefit Consulting provides independent support and advice to clients in the ever-changing retirement fund industry. We are committed to assist trustees and management committees with managing their retirement fund, to achieve their goals and attend to members’ pre- and post-retirement needs.

We have a national footprint and offer the following services:

* Retirement fund consulting

* Group risk consulting

* Asset consulting

* Manage Section 14 transfers

* Legal and technical support

* Fund and member investment analysis 

* Independent principal officer duties

* Trustee training

* Retirement fund counsellor

* Member education workshops

* Employee benefit induction program to employees

* Member exit services

* HR employee benefit training


We spend most of our time finding new and innovative value-add solutions and take pleasure in the enhanced savings we enable. Our consultants have various industry related and formal higher education qualifications.


ElectionWorx is a world-class online, SMS and smartphone election tool.


An easy-to-use, powerful and secure election tool that can be used anywhere, anytime: ElectionWorx allows you to set up and run your election with ease and speed, no matter how big or small!

It is easy to use for both the administrator as well as the people who nominate and cast votes.

The ElectionWorx system does not limit the number of people who can nominate or vote at any one time.

ElectionWorx saves you time and money and makes you wildly efficient.


  • Run your entire election online.

  • Upload an information document about your election.

  • Vote from any device, any platform.

  • Specify the number of times any one person may nominate or vote.

  • Load CVs of nominees before you open voting.

  • Audit your results to ensure the fidelity of all processes.

  • Upload a list of everyone who will be able to nominate and vote.

  • POPI compliant.


ElectionWorx was developed with security and confidentiality in mind: it is hosted in a secure environment and all information is encrypted.

Join the growing list of our completely satisfied election clients.  Contact us today and step into the future with green, great elections.

Fairheads Benefit Services

Fairheads Benefit Services is Southern Africa’s leading independent administrator for products and services in the retirement fund and fiduciary industries.


The administration and professional trusteeship of beneficiary funds and umbrella trusts has been our core business for more than two decades and under the broader Fairheads umbrella we have evolved to include unclaimed benefits, a legacy umbrella trust product, pension-backed lending and tracing services.


The Fairheads brand has been developed through a steadfast commitment to integrity, professionalism and service excellence.


OUR VALUE STATEMENT: We act respectfully, doing the right thing for the right reason to ensure our clients are safe with us.


Fedgroup is South Africa's leading independent financial services provider. Over 28 years of operation, it as built up a reputation for integrity and putting customers first, while constantly innovating.


FICS offers a quick and cost-effective range of fee-based value added investigation type services to Individuals, Professional Firms, Corporations, Government and Parastatals in the Legal, Accounting and Financial Services Industries.

FICS Centurion (PTY) LTD, facilitating investigating consulting services, a Centurion based Franchisor Company that has launched its franchise model with a national footprint of 145 Franchises. Our national footprint has grown opening offices country wide to assist trustees and administrator with the difficult task of tracing members and beneficiaries on a national level and in the SADC countries. We have established a working relationship with the Mozambique government and the Department of Labour. FICS pride itself that with our footprint we cover the entire Mozambique, Swaziland, Lesotho and rest of South Africa to make sure the members and beneficiaries are being connected to the different funds. FICS Centurion (PTY) LTD has a Level 2 B-BBEEE rating with 51% shareholding to black women.


Established in 2005, FINWorks is a FinTech company specializing in IT systems for the financial / investment / retirement industry.


Gone are the days where different systems managed different components in a business and with none of them interfacing or linking to each other.


We utilize new generation systems with comprehensive investment management and administration features. Applications range from basic account consolidation, CRM, reporting and document management, to managing the asset/liability register and cash flows online.


Our online systems deliver exceptional value for money. We take care of all the infrastructure and technical details, all you need is internet access. Have a look at what our clients say on  or see some of our case studies relating to our system implementation and usage.


In your business - you're the athlete. We supply you with the tools and support needed to perform at your best


With our support, you are able to focus on growing your business and getting ahead in the race.


Contact us for a demo.


Walther Behrens

+27 82 803 1170

Global Investment Reporting

REGULATION 28 and SARB Reporting Services – ISAE3402 Audit Certified


As the requirement for transparency and accuracy increases, retirement funds are being challenged to provide higher levels of assurance to Regulators that their members retirement savings are safe and protected.


Global Investment Reporting (GIR) provides comprehensive Regulation 28 and SARB reporting for retirement funds in South Africa and Namibia. Our process is audited quarterly using the international standard ISAE3402 for service providers.


GIR assists retirement funds with complete regulatory reports (Schedule IA, Schedule IB, Non-compliance and SARB D427) as well as Investment Policy Statement (IPS), fund manager mandates, product level and member level reporting. We apply the full look-through principle on all funds and account for derivative effective exposures.


Our range of services also extends to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting, Shareholder Proxy Voting and investment risk reporting for retirement funds.


For an obligation free consultation and fund evaluation please contact:

Laven Chetty, CEO | (010) 595 1010 | |

Gryphon Asset Management

Gryphon Asset Management, established in 1998, is a specialist fund manager focusing on innovative investment products, retirement and collective investment portfolios.


Mandates are managed on a core-satellite approach, utilising a combination of Indexation (Passive funds management), Alternative Investment strategies and active asset allocation. Our product offering covers the entire investment spectrum ranging from Fixed Income investment products to Equity- and Multi-Asset funds.


We aim to provide a range of products that are differentiated from our competitors in methodology leading to enhanced value-add and risk mitigation. Our approach is grounded upon our conviction that in an efficient market more value is added through the allocation of assets; therefore, making use of indexation or passively managed stock is a pivotal part of actively managing assets. Our earnings and low-cost track record speak for themselves across the product range.  


Our range of services include Asset Management, Financial Engineering, Transition Management and Financial Planning.


GTC is a leading financial advisory business, specialising in the areas of: retirement fund administration and consulting, healthcare consulting, private client wealth management, short term risk solutions, investment management, fiduciary services and other areas of financial advice. GTC also operates a unit trust management company and is a licensed investment manager for both retirement funds and private clients in accordance with the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA).

GTC has been awarded the 2018 Diamond Arrow Award as the highest rated in the category of pension fund administrators and consultants (administering between 100 000 to 150 000 members) and has received numerous Diamond and Golden Arrow Awards for excellence in the category of ‘medium-sized pension fund administrators and consultants’ over recent years. 

Collectively the GTC group employs a little over 120 staff in the three national centres. Assets under management and administration total R38 billion. There are 100 000 participating members of retirement funds through about 350 participating employer schemes, most of these structured through one of several GTC umbrella funds. In addition, GTC consults to around 2 500 private clients in terms of their wealth management goals.

GQM Fund Administrators

GQM is a niche retirement fund administration house providing a focused and niche administration only service. The company’s business model and philosophies are aligned with those of its business partners and only funds fitting certain criteria are accepted onto book.


Strict administrative processes and procedures are applied. Consultants and their clients are familiarized with these and conformance to this is expected in order to provide the promoted levels of service.


GQM’s Mission Statement is to provide quality managed retirement fund administration services through adopting the principles of Vision, Discipline and Passion. Our Business Philosophy is to remain focused on its niche offering to select consultants ensuring quality and profitable business on book.


GQM Fund Administrators (Pty) Ltd was established in 2007. It is an authorized Financial Services Provider (FSP no. 31807) and an FSB Approved Benefits Administrator (No. 24/449).


GQM is a member of the Institute of Retirement Funds Africa and is BEE certified.


The GQM client base consists of three distinct and focused areas of business

  • Administration services to Stand Alone and Umbrella Pension and Provident Funds

  • Administration project work to other administrators, consulting houses, auditors, employers and boards of trustees on both active and terminated funds

  • Support services other administrators and consultants


Investment Consulting and Trustee Services (ICTS) is a multi-award winning Group of companies that provides support services to administrators, consultants and Trustees of retirement funds and medical-schemes. 

We specialise in:

  • Trustee and member education

  • Death Benefit Consulting

  • Specialist Communication Services

  • Independent Trustee Services

  • Board Secretarial Services (NEW)

  • Legal Services (NEW)

  • Tracing Services via ICTS Tracing

ICTS Tracing

ICTS Tracing Services is a multi-award winning tracing services company that provides services to administrators, life offices, consultants and trustees of retirement funds. 

ICTS Tracing Services provides a range of specialised products relating to the tracing of current and former members and beneficiaries of funds across many industries. Since 2008, ICTS Tracing Services has processed in excess of 1.4 million individual customer trace transactions. 

ICTS Tracing has embraced Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) & Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) and they are fully embedded in our company culture.  

Having invested in a state of the art call centre, unique software, the latest technology and, most importantly, highly-skilled and multi-lingual staff, ICTS Tracing has been recognised as the industry leader which has lead to us being the recipient of numerous industry awards.

ICTS Tracing Services is BBBEE Compliant and is a Level 1 Contributor.

inSite Innovative Education Solutions

inSite Education is your all-in-one consultant for multi-platform member communication and marketing campaigns.  

Want to say something? At inSite, we help you say it! Whether to clients, employees, colleagues or an industry; whether online, with posters, slides, videos, apps, SMS, email or anything you can imagine... whether you know how to say it or not: we are there to solve all your communication challenges and have fun whilst we are at it.

We write, design, print, email, SMS and develop anything that you need to get your message across. You name it, we do it. Our goal is to help you really reach people with your campaigns. So that they actually listen and understand. No matter what the subject or medium, we can create a marketing or communication campaign that works for you and your audience.

Concerned your message is too complicated?  Not to worry! At inSite we specialise in helping you break down complicated content into easily understandable messages. And we make it interesting and entertaining too. 

At inSite, we live and breathe innovation. Let us find creative methods to help you reach your target market. 

Contact inSite today and let's see how we can get your message across.

Institute of Retirement Funds Africa (IRFA)

The Institute of Retirement Funds Africa (IRFA) is a non-political body which represents and promotes the interests of the retirement industry in Southern Africa, to the ultimate benefit of the members of retirement funds. The most important function of the IRFA is to represent the retirement industry in negotiations with government authorities and the Financial Services Board (FSB), which would include commenting on legislation and tax matters affecting retirement funds/pensioners etc. The IRFA therefore depends on total support from all parties concerned with the retirement benefit provision industry.


The IRFA has been actively involved in setting out the key principles of retirement provision for all South Africans:


All segments of South Africa’s population need to be addressed by any retirement provision objective and policy. 


  • Continuation of tax incentives to encourage saving for retirement 

  • A solid funding and financing system to ensure stability and certainty for the future 

  • Transparency and member involvement 

  • Preservation of funds until retirement to be encouraged 

  • Provision to make retirement income inflation linked

i-Value Professional Services Group

i-Value is a specialist in the retirement fund industry relevant to Corporate Governance Services including:

  • Business Process Effectiveness Reviews

  • Business Process Internal Control Reviews

  • Development of risk based internal audit mandates

  • Enterprise Risk Management Maturity Reviews

  • Enterprise Compliance Management Maturity Reviews

  • Financial Statement preparation, including working papers

  • Facilitation of Board of Fund self-assessment using i-Value’s assessment tool

  • Forensic investigations

  • Investment Management Business Process Risk Analysis

  • Investment Governance and Administration Reviews

  • Investment Migration Reviews


The current statistics relevant to our client’s indicate assets exceeding R 60 billion and member numbers exceeding 150 000. Our clients include:

  • Municipal Funds

  • Umbrella Funds

  • Private Funds

  • Employee Benefit Administrators

  • Investment Administrators

Jonathan Mort Inc.

Jonathan Mort Inc. is a firm of attorneys which specialises in pension fund law and related governance issues. Our client base comprises pension funds, employers, fund sponsors, pension fund members and service providers, both in South Africa and other southern African countries.  Our three attorneys are highly experienced, with more than 40 years of specialist pension fund legal practice amongst them.  


Each one of them is, or has been, President of the Pension Lawyers Association.  We have, over time, contributed a great deal to the industry, including assisting the Registrar of Pension Funds and National Treasury in the formulation of policy papers and on the content of pensions legislation and regulation.Jonathan Mort Inc. is a firm of attorneys which specialises in pension fund law and related governance issues. 

Our client base comprises pension funds, pension fund members, employers and service providers.  Although based in Cape Town, we have clients based in other parts of South Africa and we have also provided legal services to pension funds in Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland and Zambia.

The firm was established in March 2009 by Jonathan Mort, who was previously a director at Edward Nathan Sonnebergs.  Vanessa Bell, who worked with Jonathan at ENS, joined the firm at the time of its establishment. Paul Williams joined the firm from Baker & McKenzie in London in October 2010.

All three of our lawyers have substantial experience in pension fund law.  Jonathan is one of the pre-eminent pension fund attorneys in South Africa with over 25 years’ experience, Vanessa has considerable experience in litigation, commercial and pension fund law in South Africa and Paul has practiced in both the UK, where he is qualified and worked as a pension fund lawyer for a number of years, and in South Africa. 


Just is a retirement income specialist who focuses on addressing the widespread, recognised problem of people outliving their assets in retirement. We rethink retirement, offering an innovative range of income options that allow retirees to select an income structure that meets their needs.


Just’s lifetime income is a post-retirement monthly payment that provides a guaranteed and stable income in retirement. The income will never decrease no matter what happens to investment markets or how long you live. The annual increase in income depends on the income option selected.


Our products include:

·         Just Lifetime Income

·         Just Fixed Increase Income

·         Just Structured Endowment


An adapted form of Just Lifetime Income is also available as an asset class in a living annuity.

One-size-fits-all retirement income products don’t suit everyone. We know from research that many retirees would prefer to receive a guaranteed income for life rather than risk depleting their retirement savings, especially in a low return environment. Investment tools are very effective in managing investment risk, but longevity risk requires a different tool, one that allows individuals to pool and share risk. Insurance tools were designed to do exactly this.

We believe that individual circumstances, including lifestyle and existing health conditions, should be taken into account when developing a retirement solution, and so all our lifetime income options are offered as enhanced annuities -- a guaranteed monthly income that could pay more based on certain health and lifestyle factors, such as a chronic illness, or smoking. 


Founded in 2014, Just Retirement Life (South Africa) Ltd is a subsidiary of the UK-listed Just Group plc, and is managed and staffed by a highly experienced local team.

Keystone Actuarial Solutions

Keystone Actuarial Solutions, established in July 2017, is an actuarial firm specifically providing independent, specialist actuarial and consulting services to a limited number of retirement funds and the sponsors of such funds. While most of our work relates to retirement funds, we also provide additional actuarial services to employers for employment benefits, other than pension benefits, that are provided to their employees.

The key facts in relation to the company are:

  • Keystone is a Johannesburg-based, South African company;

  • Keystone is independent of all retirement fund service providers (including administrators, asset managers and risk benefit insurers), allowing us to always act in the best interest of our clients without a conflict of interest;

  • We currently have four employees, three of whom are retirement fund valuators, all with extensive experience in the retirement fund industry;

  • We have a “Level 2” BBBEE rating, and this rating will be retained through the ownership structure of the business which is a minimum of 51% ownership by Historically Disadvantaged South Africans - either directly, or through staff trusts and education trusts targeting grass roots education and supporting actuarial studies;

  • The company provides actuarial and/or consultancy services to more than 10 retirement fund arrangements or their respective sponsors.

Kerrin Lynch

Keystone Actuarial Solutions

T  +27 11 728 5546

C  +27 83 381 0702

Liberty Corporate

Liberty Corporate is a core division within the Liberty Group and part of the greater Standard Bank Group, our parent company. We are market leaders in employee benefits, investment and risk solutions to the South African business community. With over 50 years’ experience and more than 8500 funds currently under administration,  Liberty Corporate partners with companies to enhance the lives of their most valuable asset; the people who work in their organisations.

We provide a range of group risk solutions to choose from, also referred to as ‘insured benefits’. Mostly, these benefits relate to life, disability, health and dread disease insurance. Business owners can purchase these benefits for their employees, either as part of a retirement fund or individually. These benefits can be structured pre- or post-tax earnings to ensure tax efficiency. Our insured benefits also include insurance that covers children’s education in the event of the death or disability of a parent. In addition, we offer annuities which guarantee to pay an income for an employee into retirement. This insures against the risk of living longer than expected. For those employees looking to retain exposure to investment markets, our Living Annuity product is an attractive option. All of these annuities can be tailored to meet each employee’s unique income needs.

Liberty Corporate has a range of investment portfolios suitable as retirement funds and for businesses. These investment portfolios vary from specialist asset class investments to balanced mandates.

We understand that you need to focus on growing your business. Liberty’s umbrella solutions give you the flexibility to structure employee benefits that will empower your employees. This allows your employees to live their lives with the knowledge that their financial future is secure and their families are financially protected.

Liberty Corporate’s fully fledged administration team provides a comprehensive fund administration service to more than 11 000 retirement funds.

Liberty Corporate has been providing corporates, retirement funds, social security schemes and other institutions with a multitude of specialist consulting and actuarial solutions.

Master Coaching

Adapting to change means adapting the way we do things – in all areas of our lives. It’s about becoming aware, understanding and responding to the changing circumstances.

There are so many areas in our lives where change is happening, from climate change, technology advancements, social and political change, economic changes and many, many more.

Our journey through life requires constant adaptation and response to change. From the day we are born, through growing up as a child, through learning, becoming an adult, finding a partner, dealing with divorce, having children, getting an education, getting a job, being a great employee, dealing with stress, starting a business, being a leader, a spouse or a parent, growing your success, growing your wealth, planning and preparing for retirement, etc.

All these phases require us to learn new skills and to continually adapt and improve them as the world changes around us.

Master Coaching (In conjunction with world class partners), has developed solutions to help individuals and businesses to stay ahead of latest business and other trends and to implement a long-term training and coaching strategy to support these expectations.


We coach leaders, teams and individuals to become aware, understand and respond to the changing circumstances brought about in their work or their personal environments.


Our comprehensive range of services include financial coaching, executive coaching, life coaching and many more. Visit our website for a comprehensive list of what we do at