Institute of Retirement Funds Africa rebrands to reflect its strategic direction
16 Apr, 2024

Geraldine Fowler, Chairperson of the Institute of Retirement funds Africa



IRFA embarks on a new journey with its “Better Together” branding initiative



Johannesburg, South Africa – The Institute of Retirement Funds Africa (IRFA) is has unveiled its new brand identity, to underscore its ongoing commitment to the retirement sector across Africa.


The new logo, featuring a hand supporting the African continent, reflects IRFA’s adoption of the “Better Together” philosophy powerful imagery signifies IRFA’s dedication to fostering collaboration and support within the retirement funds community and the broader African society.


Central to IRFA’s revamped branding and messaging is the concept of “GIG” (Growth, Inclusion, and Giving), a principle that underpins its vision and mission. This guiding philosophy reflects its commitment to driving growth through inclusion and contributing positively to the community. The imagery is subtly integrated into all branding materials, serving as a constant reminder of our core values.


“Our new logo is a bold assertion of our role in support of retirement funds and the communities they serve across the African continent,” stated Geraldine Fowler, President of IRFA. “It represents our unwavering commitment to collaborating and uniting the sector under the banner of ‘Better Together’, fostering a future where collective action and mutual support are the keystones of success.”

The “Better Together” initiative is more than a branding overhaul; it’s a reflection of IRFA’s strategic direction towards a more inclusive, supportive, and growth-oriented future. It signals a recommitment to our values of unity, support, and collective progress, steering the conversation towards how the retirement sector can achieve more through collaboration.


The introduction of this new brand identity is a call to action for our members, industry stakeholders, and the wider community to join us in this journey of positive transformation. It is an invitation to engage, collaborate, and contribute towards a retirement sector that is not only robust and sustainable but also deeply rooted in those principles of growth, inclusion, and giving.


Fowler concludes “as IRFA moves forward with our “Better Together” branding, we are excited about the opportunities this new chapter presents. It is a step towards a future where the retirement sector in Africa is more interconnected, resilient, and responsive to the needs of its members and society at large.


IRFA invites the community to explore our new brand identity and join us in making a meaningful impact on the retirement sector on the continent. Together, we can shape a future that embodies the spirit of growth, inclusion, and giving.”





For more information about IRFA and its initiatives, please contact Wayne Hiller van Rensburg, IRFA Executive Officer.

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