Motswedi are WINNERS!!!
18 Nov, 2023

Mark Davids, Managing Director – MOTSWEDI


Motswedi Economic Transformation Specialists won the “Most Transformed Investment/Asset Consultant” award at the annual ABSIP Awards Ceremony last night, 16 November 2023 – (Association of Black Securities and Investment Professionals).

“We are extremely proud to have been recognised by ABSIP and thank them and the industry for this”, said Mark Davids, Managing Director and co-founder of Motswedi.

“2019 was the start of an adventure that has been a roller coaster of emotions.  That was when we formed Motswedi Emerging Manager Strategists and embarked on a journey of celebration, sacrifice, anxiety, problem solving, comradery and so much more…

Starting a business from scratch is always a challenge. Embarking on creating a new business in an industry dominated by a few very large players is exceptionally challenging and requires creative thinking and innovation. I am willing to admit that there were a few moments where it was touch and go for us as we progressed.  But we were consistent in our vision of what we wished to create and build.

Entrepreneurship is tough – this I now know. It’s not possible to succeed in creating a business like this without support.  I’d like to thank a few people…

Firstly, the support of my wife and family.  We have had to sacrifice immensely over this time, especially in the moments when we had to have difficult conversations with my kids’ school principal about being late with school fees!

Many people in the industry have offered advice and motivation over the years.  This has kept me going and believing. Customers have had to show faith and trust in this “small” start-up.  It was a risk for them, but one which we have repaid by prioritising them and delivering on our promises every step of the way.  I am VERY thankful to all of our customers.

To the staff of Motswedi…… are my co-pilots and my shoulder and my support.  Without you, there is no journey.  We will always travel together. And finally, I’d like to thank David Weil and the ICTS Group.  David showed faith in our vision right from the start and put his money where his mouth was.  He has been our biggest critic and our biggest fan.  He has held us up when we were down and kept us grounded when we succeeded.  Thank you, David, and everyone at the ICTS Group of Companies.

The future is indeed bright.  South Africa is an amazing country which we believe in.  it is filled with amazing diversity and a never-ending spirit.  I am living and acting the change which I would like to see in our economy. Innovation, hard work, and consistent focus on the vision of an economically transformed and developed South African economy is what drives us.  I can assure you that Motswedi will be leading this charge.”


Congratulations to the team at Motswedi Economic Transformation Specialists on this achievement.



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