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Enabling Lifelong Learning Through Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has become a major driver of every aspect of our living environment spanning across
algorithm calculations to the world of investments. At Old Mutual Investment Group, we are conducting extensive research and testing to find ways of using AI optimally, to raise efficiency 
and improve returns for our clients.

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Values Based Investments, Returns and Fees

All investing starts off with a set of beliefs that inform our vision, philosophy and process. Investors believe that companies with a certain set of attributes will outperform. Academics and practitioners have identified and isolated investment factors that enable investors to pursue risk-adjusted investment returns. 

Global Investing Through the Decades 

Studying global markets deserves extensive time and patience in identifying trends. The industry as we enter the next decade is nothing like what it was at the turn of the millennium; and that in turn is leagues from what it was like in the 80s.

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Spoilt for Choice in the Rest of Africa 

Many African countries have the ingredients to deliver strong growth. The continent has favourable demographics and many countries offer great opportunities because they are often coming off a low base. With 54 countries to choose from, we are spoilt with enough ways not only to turn investment ideas into profitable realities, but also contribute to the economic development of the continent.

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Old Mutual Investment Group (Pty) Ltd is a Licensed Financial Services Provider

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