Remchannel to implement exciting innovations to ensure clients are always one step ahead
6 Apr, 2023

René Richter, Managing Director of Remchannel (Pty) Ltd


With economic, business and remuneration complexity and uncertainty on the rise, cutting-edge reward management platform Remchannel is launching an array of exciting innovations to ensure their clients are always a step ahead.


According to Remchannel Managing Director Rene Richter, businesses need resources that will enable them to attract and retain the best talent, and employers require the tools to create a defendable reward strategy.


After discussions with clients and validating their remuneration data needs, Remchannel has invested heavily in technology and will launch its Beta version of Total Reward as an add-on to the Remchannel salary survey platform during the second quarter of 2023.  The new service will enable its clients to benchmark the complete quantum of reward at all levels in the organisation.


“We also have several new products and features in the pipeline for the next three years to revolutionise the industry. These products will offer better functionality, improved performance, and an exceptional user experience over the long term. These services will ultimately make their businesses competitive and profitable,” Richter says.


As part of the new offering, Remchannel will handle complex and strategically essential reward projects, providing high-quality, meaningful, detailed reports, analyses, research, and unique solutions for specific market needs.


Richter says the innovations allow Remchannel to deliver remuneration solutions founded on solid governance principles, that speak directly to an organisation’s strategy and are designed to add value in the future.


“Our enhanced capability will deliver insights into all facets of remuneration and reward, such as executive pay among companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, as well as global trends and best practices while remaining locally focused,” she said.


Top talent joins Remchannel team 


Richter adds that they understand that in today’s changing world of work, having access to real-time remuneration information and reward expertise is crucial. To this end, Remchannel is excited to announce that they have expanded their advisory capabilities and have appointed a team of highly regarded specialists in the reward arena.


Leila Ebrahimi, Makhosazana Mabaso and Andreas Horak will join the Rewards team on 1 April and will be crucial in driving the company’s enhanced service offering.


Ebrahimi is an admitted attorney with BCom, LLB and HDip Tax, who is highly experienced in providing bespoke executive remuneration advice to JSE-listed and private companies. She has worked with many large and small companies to design strategy-led incentive solutions, supporting shareholder engagement efforts to obtain support, and assisting with implementation from the drafting of plan rules, policies, award letters, and associated legal services, as well as leading employee communication efforts. Leila also specialises in remuneration reporting.


Mabaso is a chartered accountant with almost a decade of reward consulting experience. She has extensive experience with executive reward consulting with clients in various industries, including mining, industrials, and REITs. Khosi is an experienced remuneration committee advisor and provides strategic advice on all remuneration-related matters. Her passion for analytics led to her extensive involvement in analysing fee trends for the PwC Non-executive and Executive director remuneration reports.


Horak is a chartered accountant with more than 13 years of experience structuring transactions from an accounting, tax, and executive remuneration perspective. He successfully co-led the PwC Reward practice in South Africa for several years and provided reward analytics and reward deal structuring support to a wide variety of clients across multiple industries and territories. Horak is proactive about understanding the core purpose of his clients’ businesses.



“We are proud and fortunate to welcome onboard these three trailblazers during this pivotal time in Remchannel’s expanded service offering,” said Richter. “Each of them brings deep insights and immeasurable talent to our team, and I’m confident they will provide outstanding support to client needs in this time of continuous change.


“We do not doubt that our advisory expansion, innovative products, and client-focused initiatives will help us to continue to provide exceptional value to our customers,” she concluded.





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