• Derek Smorenburg CEO & Founder of SAIFAA

Where did you think 80% of living annuitants & spouses are going to end up?

Derek Smorenburg CEO & Founder of SAIFAA is inviting all Independent Financial Advisors to consider attending the next set of Living, Life & Hybrid Annuity “Crisis” Forums where they will consider what “New and Disruptive” Solutions are being offered by Allan Gray, Analytics, Investec, JustSA, Marriott and Old Mutual Wealth starting on in Bellville on Monday 13th November, then in Umhlanga on Monday 20th and finally in Sandton on Tuesday 22nd November.

The awkward reality is that the majority of the “at least 80%” of the current 500 000 Living Annuitants and their Spouses will run out of their Living Annuity Retirement Capital and then be faced with the difficult choices, assuming they have not made adequate provision, that includes living with their children, grandchildren or under which bridge will they be living?

SAIFAA is encouraging their members to consider and explore the many “New and Disruptive” Solutions that are becoming available that may even include an advisory and guidance, possibly a “pro-bono” program, for this important segment of the population who art least had put some capital aside for retirement.

So the question is whether your Independent Financial Advisor is a member of SAIFAA and is he or she up=to-speed on all the “New & Disruptive” Solutions being offered that needs to include health impairment possibilities such as Dementia, Parkinson’s, Cancers etc and the new reality of living to long!

For more information and seat bookings please contact Derek!

Derek Smorenburg

CEO & Founder of South African Independent Financial Advisors Association

+27 (0) 82 441 5000

+27 (21) 712 3284 (Home Office)



Registered Office: 37 Dalmore Rd, Tokai 7945

PO Box 30183, Tokai, 7966


SAIFAA – CIPC Registration – NPC (2017/231092/08)

The Voice of the Independent Financial Advisor with the Public, the Industry, the Regulators and the Media

South African Independent Financial Advisors Association (SAIFAA) is a non-profit company that will pursue the following two broad objectives on behalf of its members:-

a)To promote the value of “independent financial advice” in a modern financial services market, and the critical role of independent advisors in delivering this advice, to the media/regulator/public at large.

b)To be recognised as the “voice of the independent financial advisor community”, with a mandate to represent this community with the regulator and the media.

We believe that the public, regulators and government need a robust healthy financial services market and the “independently owned and registered sector after the implementation of RDR” that is going to be an important element to give consumers choice and maintain balance!

The Cape Buffalo!

When they clan together are a force to be reckoned with,

have few predators and are capable of defending themselves.

Independent Financial Advisors of South Africa need to clan together!

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