• Clement Chinaka

Populism and economic reform - Are we listening?

The rise of global populism and its impact on the world economy is an undeniable reality. What is happening in the sociopolitical landscape that businesses operate in? Does it matter, and what is the corporate sector’s role in a world that is changing before our very eyes, asks Clement Chinaka.

Around the world, from the streets of Brazil to the city squares of Europe, from campuses in South Africa to voting booths in the United Kingdom, there is a growing feeling that the voice of the common man is not being heard.

Populist uprisings are a global talking point, and for good reason – they concern issues that have a ripple effect around the world. It’s a subject that is ripe for dissection and discussion, and one that we believe inspires fascinating conversations; a topic that forces us to ask ourselves compelling questions.


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