First-day of school jitters


Hold onto your hearts Mom and Dad, the time has come! Back to school fever is in full swing with the 2018 academic year too close for comfort, right? (Especially for first-time-to-school parents!)


Is your “little one” starting “big school” this year? Maybe you’ve already felt the tug at your heart when you bought his school uniform? Truth is, this huge milestone is often anticipated with great excitement and joy, but first-day-of-school jitters are real for many kids – and parents.


Know this, there might be a few tears involved on this very emotional day – and they may not all belong to your child, but your child may be more ready than you think, and if he’s not, you will get there together.


It’s so important when prepping your kids for the first day of school to plan ahead. Kids take their cue from their parents; if parents are calm, reassuring, optimistic and supportive, kids will feel both confident and competent.


So, before you let go of that little hand in the too-big school uniform, we have a few nuggets of wisdom to help them (and you!) feel confident for their biggest adventure yet:

Talk about it. It’s the underlying fear of the unknown that causes the biggest issues on the first day. Never underestimate the power of narrative to reassure and empower. Read books together about going to school. Talk about what the day might be like, about what you will do to get ready, how he will get to school and where you’ll meet at picking up time.


Go shopping together. Pick out a lunchbox, or a backpack, or new shoes together. Put these items aside, only to be used when school starts, just to make it extra special!


Get the sleep schedule on track. Your child should get 9 to 10 hours of sleep every night. Implement a calming routine before bedtime; screens should be off, and activities should be limited to reading.


Plan ahead. Figure out back-up childcare or pick-up plans. Lay out clothes the night before or prepare meals ahead of time for busy days.


Try to find one or two kids that will be in your child’s class and arrange a playdate before school starts. A familiar face on the big day could make all the difference.


Make sure you know where and when you’re meant to be on day one. Mommy getting flustered about where to park or which entrance to use will not create a relaxing mood. Do a practise run just to make sure. Rehearsals will allow you to make the necessary changes before the big day.


Plan a rockin’ lunchbox. Pack healthy. Try out some new fruits and veggies with a dip, or pack whole-wheat sandwiches in fun shapes. Maybe a healthy wrap or a pita? Trying new things will help you figure out what will work and what won’t.


Create a special goodbye ritual. “See you later alligator.” Something unique which you repeat every day. Repetition relates into comfort. Keep goodbyes short and sweet.


Celebrate pick-up and make sure that you’re not late. Tell him how brave he is and how proud you are.


Make sure to document everything. Take lots of photos and videos of the special day. You will want to look back on this one!


As you get ready for life to hit fast-forward, be proud, be brave. You’re doing great!




DISCLAIMER: The information on the Fedhealth website and in this article is for educational purposes only, and is not intended as medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you are experiencing symptoms or need health advice, please consult a healthcare professional.



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