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FIRST WORD Getting serious on trustee and consumer financial education is the serious institutional money, and measurement, to support it. Now the initiative is mandatory.

FINANCIAL SECTOR CODE In the best sense of the term, ‘radical economic transformation’ acquires real and positive meaning. A profound vision translates to practical action. Mainly the SA banks and life offices will lead it. They’re committed.

ANNUAL FINANCIALS Far too many pension funds are lethargic in submitting their returns. A toughened approach from the Financial Services Board is indicated.

CURRENTS Better disclosure from PIC on unlisted investments but not on external managers; Pension Funds Adjudicator wants “remedial action” from FSB on a fund and its administrator; Tax delays on fund transfers; Court insists on “independent” liquidators for Cadac fund; Default regulations are an advance but one size doesn’t fit all; Need to relook Reg 28.

COVER STORY Trustees, perhaps more than many, had better come to terms with Blockchain. What it means, how it works at present and how it will work in future. An industry leader explains this vital disruption that modern technology has introduced.

PROFILE Why the international honour on Asisa chief executive Leon Campher is well deserved. Read more

UNCLAIMED BENEFITS Issues before the Constitutional Court as final arbiter in the litigation between Rosemary Hunter and the Financial Services Board.

TRUSTEESHIPS Cosatu benefits coordinator Jan Mahlangu gets key appointments notwithstanding unanswered questions.

INSIDER TRADING Steinhoff is the latest controversy for the JSE’s Market Regulation Division and FSB’s Directorate of Market Abuse to explore.

CORPORATE ETHICS Strange goings-on at Multichoice with possible implications for parent Naspers in which many pension funds are heavily invested.

PRESCRIPTION Given the financing problems at the fiscus, the ogre of‘prescribed assets’ for retirement funds again raises its ugly head.

SAA AIRWAYS An activist approach from lenders pays off. There are glaring lessons.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Views from one asset manager . . .

TECHNOLOGY DISRUPTION . . . and from another.

GRAVY Italian wisdom for SA.

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