EBnet wins 2018 Communications and Marketing Provider of the Year Award !

February 8, 2018


Simply put, going digital with multi-media and social media is part of doing business in the new millennium. Reaching out to customers and stakeholders in the media format they prefer using on a daily basis is paramount to keeping them engaged.


Ensuring that stakeholders who engage with you are treated appropriately and in accordance with the principles of TCF (Treating Customers Fairly) is equally important.


EBnet as an organisation has grown phenomenally since its inception in 2012 and today is recognized as one of the most prominent information providers in the retirement industry. Our daily news and weekly newsletter distribution goes directly to our clients (retirement fund members, Principal Officers, retirement fund Trustees and other industry stakeholders). 


EBnet is a unique open resource created to use technology to communicate with, educate and inform retirement fund officials (Principal Officers and Trustees) and fund members of news, developments and changes happening to the retirement fund industry. We use a multitude of technology platforms to achieve these objectives. These include platforms like the EBnet website, Mobile App as well as Weekly Industry Newsletters.


We also utilize several technology mediums to communicate with our readership including electronic articles, video media, radio podcasts, etc.


To ensure maximum industry coverage as well as to cater for people across the different generational bands, all elements of our industry news gets broadcasted via the different consumer technology channels – website publishing, email distribution and social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


EBnet uses technology to empower fund members and beneficiaries with knowledge and information to assist them with their personal circumstances. EBnet also empowers Principal Officers and fund Trustees to gain valuable insight into the different products and technical aspects in the retirement industry to better equip them in the execution of their fiduciary duties.


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