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Criteria for authorisation as an over-the-counter derivatives provider

The Financial Services Board has published today for information, a Conduct Standard for the Criteria for Authorisation as an Over-The-Counter Derivatives Provider.

The draft Regulations were initially published on 4 July 2014 for the first round of consultation, with members of the public allowed a two (2) month timeframe to submit comments. Subsequently, the comments received were reviewed and a second draft of the Regulations was compiled taking into account the comments received. The second draft of the Regulations and draft Board Notices issued by the Registrar of Securities Services were published for comment on 5 June 2015 and a one (1) month timeframe was provided within which comments on the published regulations were to be submitted.

On the 21 July 2016, the draft Regulations and draft Board Notices were published for third time for public comment. The consultation period lapsed on 31 August 2016. Comments were received from various market participants and industry stakeholders.

The Registrar of Securities Services considered all the comments received and where required amended the Conduct Standard for the Criteria for Authorisation as an Over-the-Counter Derivatives Provider. The Conduct Standard and the responses to comments submitted have been published on the FSB website.

FSB Website

The Conduct Standard and responses can be found on the official website under the following tabs:

Capital Markets, Documents for Consultation 2018; or click on the following link:


Clarifications may be submitted via email to michael.kabai@fsb.co.za with the subject title FMA: Board Notices (Round 4). The deadline for submission is 29 March 2018


Enquiries: Ms Tembisa Marele

Communications Specialist

Financial Services Board

Email address: Tembisa.Marele@fsb.co.za

Telephone: 012 428 8025

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