Collective Insights - Latest edition available on EBnet: The cost of your financial decisions

The theme of this edition is: The Cost of Your Financial Decisions


This edition’s editor is Di Turpin, an independent director and retirement fund trustee who sits on the boards of the Financial Services Board, Nedgroup Collective Investments and the Shine Literacy Trust. She is chair of Old Mutual Wealth and Fairbairn Capital Retirement Funds and a trustee on Nedgroup Investments Retirement Funds.


She introduces the topic with her article “ Picking apart the many-sided matter of costs”


Other articles in this edition include:


p. 21 Navigating the investment landscape as a beginner - Lerato Mahlangu, founder of Powermani,


p.22 Banks are indispensable, but beware the charges - Shivesh Maharaj,  head of retail product and business development at Alexander Forbes


p.24 Let’s stop selling insurance and rather help people know when to buy it – Anne Cabot-Alletzhauser – Head of the Alexander Forbes Research Institute


p.28 Does low cost equal low value? -  Mxolisi Siwundla, investor relations and product analyst at CoreShares Asset Management.


p.30 Reduce the cost of investing without becoming a bore at parties - Grant Locke, a certified financial analyst, is head of OUTvest.


p.31 Low-cost investing through the looking glass - Dr Michael Streatfield, founding partner and chief scientist of the global hedge fund advisory Fortitudine Vincimus Capital