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Why invest in Africa

If you’re thinking of expanding your investment portfolio, and you’re considering Africa, this is for you.

Leave your assumptions about Africa aside. Across the continent there is continued growth. Infrastructure is improving and business conditions are getting better. It’s a continent where things are changing, there’s reassuring resistance to corruption, where changing leaderships create better opportunities and where governments are getting better at implementing policy.

Get the real story: What’s changed, what’s new, and why Africa should be on your list.

Why you should invest in African countries – especially after South Africa’s recent national budget speech. Since the raising of the limit for pension funds to invest outside of SA, from 5% to10%, there are now many reasons to allocate retirement funding to African equity markets.

The top 10 trends. Big things are happening in Africa, and these top trends are just the highlights. Our investment team visited 12 African countries and attended about 150 management meetings, which gave us valuable market insights and local knowledge, which we share with you.

Africa’s youth population: It’s important for the youth of Africa to play an active role in the sessions at Davos, says Kathy Davey. They represent a significant economic opportunity, but a population skewed towards youth has a downside which could lead to risk without adequate investment. Where the youth are skilled and employed, they’re a huge asset. This is what Africa should strive for.

The African business environment: It’s getting easier to do business in Africa – and governments are helping. Politics and government decision-making can have a positive effect on businesses operating in Africa, and data shows that African countries are becoming easier to do business in.

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