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Illegal Business Software in Use Worldwide

Unlicensed business software used on PCs is very widespread worldwide. According to findings by the Washington-based Business Software Alliance (BSA), up to 66 percent of software on PCs in China is unlicensed. In the U.S., the share stands at 15 percent, which translates into a commercial software value of some $8.6 billion for 2017.

Too often today however, users are seeing their efforts to harness innovative technologies hampered by crippling security threats, including exposure to malware. It is increasingly clear that malware infections are tightly linked to the use of unlicensed software. As a result, many CIOs are coming to understand the true costs of unlicensed software and taking pragmatic steps to improve their software management.

Improving software compliance is now an economic enabler and security imperative. With growing costs from malware, business leaders are increasingly turning to fully licensed software that can be patched with the latest updates as a key line of defense against crippling malware incursions, data breaches, and other security risks. More and more leaders are also realizing that improving their ability to manage software across an entire organization can be a powerful new tool to help them decrease downtime, and significantly boost their bottom line. In fact, IDC estimates that when companies take pragmatic steps to improve their software management, they can boost their bottom line by as much as 11 percent.


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