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Re-wiring the business culture in financial services

This edition contains some particularly provocative pieces on why the business culture of financial service companies is so particularly important to the consumer.

Our editor for this edition is Muitheri Wahome, a woman whose long history of monitoring the industry will soon appear in her own book on the history of asset management in South Africa. She leads off this edition with an introduction entitled: “Building the character and culture of a firm to ensure success.

of a firm to ensure success.”

This is then followed by these 8 excellent articles:

p. 20 What drives trust? – Richard Rattue, managing director of Compli-Serve SA

p. 22 It’s not only the role of regulators – Vanessa Bell, Director of Jonathan Mort Inc

p. 24 Developing the social fabric of companies

p. 25 Why culture is key in an organisation – Khaya Goboda, Head of Asset Management Old Mutual Investments

p. 26 Remove the ceilings – Penelope Gregoriou – Alexander Forbes

p. 28 What a culture of open means – Sarah Blake – user experience designer, KIN

p. 29 Culture and why it matters – Jessica Matthysen – Alexander Forbes

p. 31 The leader’s role in getting culture right – Jim Ware – fiounder of Focus Consulting Group

Please enjoy

Anne Cabot-Alletzhauser

And note that the topic for our next edition of Collective Insight is one of our perennial favorites: Mythbusters – What assumptions should we be thinking twice about when it comes to investing and financial services? Do make sure you let us know if you might be interested in contributing.

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