• Martin Neethling

Sanlam puts day-to-day primary medical services within reach of all employees

South African employers can now offer their employees access to day-to-day medical services through approved primary health care insurance.

This not only presents much needed relief to millions of South Africans who cannot afford medical scheme cover and other forms of healthcare insurance, but enables employers to address real issues around extended time from work to visit clinics as well as ensuring that their employees receive quality and timely medical care.

Moreover, it adds a critical element to a financial planning solution to both employers and employees given that most South Africans spend a significant percentage of their income on health related expenses.

In essence, the need for innovative solutions to address issues such as the growing burden of health disease and continued financial pressure on employers and employees alike, have never been more pronounced. Add to this South Africa’s low projected economic growth combined with a rise in the cost of healthcare which puts huge pressure on medical schemes to provide relevant benefits at affordable prices, and the significant impact on business productivity becomes apparent.

Sanlam Everyday Healthcare™ is a case in point of innovation, presenting a reputable, affordable product that offers members a seamless and positive health experience. Amongst a proliferation of primary healthcare insurance solutions, it is fully aligned to legislative allowances, offering real cover for day-to-day private sector health benefits while also focusing on chronic disease and treatment thereof.

Sanlam Everyday Healthcare™ personalised treatment regime and medication for a comprehensive range of health problems is further enhanced by access to a national network of professional healthcare providers including general practitioners, dentists, optometrists, pharmacists, radiologists and pathologists. Hospitalisation for traumatic events and cashless member engagement further extends the mix.

Sanlam’s Everyday Healthcare™ solution should be on every employer’s radar. It has the backing of a strong, trusted and reputable brand which has successfully empowered ordinary South Africans for more than a 100 years, offering integrated financial solutions which enable people to live their best lives possible.


For more information or a consultation, please contact Viveka Naidoo Sanlam Corporate Gap and Primary Healthcare Specialist Corporate Cluster Email: viveka.naidoo@sanlam.co.za