• Dipesh Radia

Insurance Tips for a Safer Holiday Season

Without dampening holiday spirits, Alexander Forbes Insurance has issued a reminder to holiday makers not to let their guard down over the upcoming long weekend.

As many people lock up their houses and head to holiday destinations, Alexander Forbes Insurance Executive, Dipesh Radia says there are three forms of insurance which people require before departing on vacation: motor vehicle, personal accident and personal property cover.

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Most road accidents occur as a result of negligence by one or more parties. The most frequent cause of road accidents are speed, driving under the influence of alcohol or not understanding how your vehicle performs in certain conditions.

In light of the above Radia stresses the importance of being a defensive driver and recommends that drivers take a break every 200km, making certain that everyone is wearing a seatbelt, ensuring that there are no obstructions under the pedals or blocking the rear window, checking all mirrors are adjusted to the correct height and that seats are in the correct position.

Travelers driving outside of South African borders should ensure their motor cover includes the territories they will be visiting. “Be sure to purchase the compulsory insurance of the country as you enter at the border,” says Radia.

Another tip from Radia is to check that if you are in an accident, your insurer will cover the cost of transporting your damaged vehicle back to South Africa.

1. Personal Accident Cover

“Heavy traffic increases the risk of accidents. Personal Accident cover is one of the cheapest forms of disability cover because it is limited to accidental injury and can pay benefits for death and permanent or temporary disablement, and does not only apply to road accidents,” Radia said.

2. Personal Property Cover

Review your insurance policies to make sure the movable items of personal property that you will be taking with you on holiday are insured for the correct sums. “These can include watches, cameras, cell phones and other electronic goods as well as camping or sporting items.”

“And remember to put into action all the usual tips on securing your house and goods, such as packing the car out of sight of prying eyes, asking a neighbour to empty your post box, checking that your alarm is working and unplugging electronic equipment to protect it from power surges. Never put your travel plans on Facebook or other social media platforms. Don’t close your curtains and leave lights on – that is a giveaway to would-be thieves that no-one is home.”

“Knowing your belongings are safe and your affairs are in order will give you peace of mind to enjoy your holiday.”