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Increased substance abuse sought to deal with modern work demands

A tough economic climate, ever-increasing work hours and the endless demands of high-pressure careers has seen an increase in the number of South African business men and women turning to alcohol and narcotics for some form of relief.

This has prompted the establishment of Choose Life Specialist Recovery Centre, a holistic, full-time addiction rehabilitation centre which opened on Durban’s Windmill Road in January. Originally established as an extension of the renowned Riverview Manor Rehabilitation Centre based in the Southern Drakensberg, Choose Life is now operating as a full-time private specialist clinic under the watch of Alicia Ghiroo and her team.

Malcolm Young, General Manager said that they had identified a growing issue with alcohol and narcotic abuse within the business community. While this has been an issue for a while, Young said it is certainly becoming more prevalent.

“The workplace demands are extensive, and the constant level of stress and anxiety is leading to burnout and breakdowns,” explained Young. “Issues such as unfair demands from senior-level management, restructuring and increased hours, unqualified individuals promoted to positions of seniority…all of these are having an impact on South African corporates.”

Young said they were seeing work-place pressure causing conditions such as depression, alcoholism, dependency on sleeping tablets and sedatives as well as gambling, internet and sex addictions.

“The problems experienced at work are compounded by larger socio-political factors that businesspeople are having to contend with,” he continued. “This includes labour disputes with unions, a struggling economy constantly threatening job security and an ever-changing job market.”

There is a dire need for rehabilitation establishments, such as Choose Life, that provide clients with a safe, therapeutic setting away from potentially stressful and harmful environment. Choose Life affords people the opportunity to constructively work on and invest in themselves again.

The treatment programme at Choose Life is a multi-disciplinary, multi-focussed approach that addresses a variety of aspects such as medication, therapy, psycho-education, life-skills, coping strategies and support. This allows clients to form a new foundation for recovery rather than remain entrenched in a dysfunctional pattern.

“Our intimacy of care and high professional-to-client ratio allows us to give everyone the personal investment that they need to initiate and maintain change,” said Young. “We are already seeing incredible results in just a few short months because individuals are given every chance of a meaningful recovery.”

Vernon Goss, Director of Choose Life and Riverview Manor, said: “We will continue to offer clients at Choose Life the same level of effective, professional treatment that has seen Riverview Manor rated as one of the top five facilities of its kind worldwide. Through our specialist staff, co-ordinated approach and intimate groups, we are able to provide clients with the tools to address their addiction.”


This release has been prepared and distributed for Choose Life

The holding Company of Choose Life and Riverview Manor is Gosstrust Healthcare.

For more information contact Malcolm Young on 033 701 911 or Alicia Ghiroo on 031 201 2181

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