• Media Release: Glacier by Sanlam

Glacier by Sanlam boosts clients’ investments

Clients who invest R100 000 or more into Sanlam Cumulus or Nimbus Investments will qualify for an extra 1% allocation to boost their investment.* This is over and above the 8% additional allocation already provided.

This means clients can get a total enhanced allocation of up to 9%, less any negotiated upfront commission due to the intermediary. For example, a client who invests R1 000 000 will receive an additional allocation of R90 000. After allowing for upfront commission of 3%, that’s an additional investment of R60 000.

*This special offer is available until mid-August 2019.

Also applicable to ad hocs of R100 000 +

This special will also apply to ad hoc investments of R100 000 and more on current Cumulus and Nimbus Investments (subject to what legislation allows). The additional allocation on ad hoc amounts will work as follows:

Created for success

The current uncertainty in the market could compel many prospective investors to wait for prospects to improve before entering the market. The Cumulus and Nimbus Investments offer a compelling solution for these clients through the following benefits:

  • Protection when markets are falling, in the form of the Sanlam Cumulus Escalating funds, which give clients the opportunity to take advantage of rising markets, while protecting their investments during market downturns.

  • A diverse range of high quality investment funds – from money market to equity funds – to construct portfolios in accordance with a client’s risk profile.

  • A range of Glacier Solution Funds for those requiring more guided investment options.

  • An additional allocation of 9% to the investment amount, giving clients an edge on their investment performance from day one.

  • Competitive fees and uncapped returns, ensuring cost-effective investments with an effective annual cost which is among the lowest in the market.

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The Sanlam Cumulus and Nimbus Investments are endowment policies. The Sanlam Cumulus Investment is underwritten by Sanlam Developing Markets Ltd., while the Sanlam Nimbus Investment is underwritten by Safrican Insurance Company Ltd.