• Chris Brits - CEO & Editor, EBnet

Allan Greenblo awarded the Sanlam Financial Journalism Award For Lifetime Achievement

Allan Greenblo has been awarded the Sanlam Financial Journalism Award For Lifetime Achievement.

Allan has been writing on developments the financial services industry since entering the field as a journalist in 1967 for the Financial Mail and ultimately ending up as their financial editor.

He was the co-founder of Finance Week in 1978 and was the deputy editor from the magazine’s launch in 1979 and editor from 1982 until 1995. He served simultaneously as executive director.

This is Allan's second Sanlam Award for Excellence in Financial Journalism having won Financial Journalist of the Year 1993 previously .

Allan filled the role of Managing Director of BDFM (publisher of Business Day and

Financial Mail) from 1997 to 2002 and was SA adviser to the FTSE for two years until end-December 2004 during which time he was also a regular Business Report columnist.

Allan launched Today’s Trustee in 2005 and the magazine has served as must-read material for PO's, Trustees and other fiduciaries and stakeholders in the retirement industry for the past 14 years.

Having earned the respect of many people - readers, peers and those on the other end of his unique style of investigative journalism, Allan with his dry wit and relentless pursuit of the truth remains an example to us all.

Well done Allan and keep up the good work!