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Motswedi Emerging Manager Strategists December 2019 Equity and Bond survey

In this survey we show a representation of the traditional “household name” asset managers relative to some of the industries Emerging Asset Managers. (Click on the image icon to download the survey)

Our survey looks at equity mandates (SWIX and Capped SWIX) that are benchmark cognisant and non-benchmark cognisant.

In addition, we also analyse managers with Bond mandates benchmarked against the All Bond Index (ALBI).

Motswedi currently actively monitor approximately 50 asset managers in the South African asset management industry, with a special focus on emerging asset managers and asset managers with excellent empowerment credentials.

Motswedi have carved up the emerging asset manager space into four categories according to the assets under management of the managers and not by the length of time in the industry, as the naming may elude to.

How we see the emerging asset management world;

This month’s commentary is from Argon Asset Management. As always, we look forward to hearing your comments.


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