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Motswedi Emerging Manager Strategists January 2020 Equity and Bond survey

Welcome to our January 2020 survey, for this survey we have introduced a format change and following many comments from our readers, introduced 3 year and 5 year returns where these were available. We would love to hear your comments and feedback on our survey.

The importance of specialised skill in researching Emerging Asset Managers at different phases in their life cycle (Make no mistake, there are risks when investing with asset managers of any size)

Our time with emerging managers

To understand an emerging asset manager, we believe that a desktop due diligence is not sufficient. One must spend time with the asset managers and look beyond the due diligence questionnaire. Motswedi spend up to 75% of the research time engaging with - researching and analysing - emerging asset managers.

Our risk mitigation focus

When researching emerging asset managers, a higher allocation of research time has to be made to the organisation, compared to a traditional mature asset managers. These emerging businesses are at different stages in their Life Cycle which infers different risk levels – there are risks to be managed in all asset managers.

What Motswedi view as an emerging asset manager

We define an emerging asset manager as a manager with assets under management of up to R30 Billion. How we segment the emerging asset management universe:

This month's economic commentary is by: Umthombo Wealth Investment Team.