• Media Release - Fairheads Benefit Services

Continuing the care

Worldwide, we find ourselves in an unprecedented situation, with lockdowns in many countries holding serious consequences for economic growth, small business and job creation. The long-term impact is as yet unknown.

But despite the COVID-19 crisis, South Africans are a resourceful and resilient people and sometimes the worst situations bring out the best in us. We applaud the way in which the public and private sectors are pulling together in these challenging times.

Fairheads has continued with business as usual. We have been categorised as an ‘essential service’ given the nature of our business.

The majority of our members represent some of the more vulnerable people in our society and we would like to reassure our retirement fund corporate clients that we continue to:

  • Open new accounts and on-board new members

  • Process income payments and capital requests received electronically

  • Assist members via our contact centre in all languages

  • Keep in contact with members via SMS.

In meeting the country’s lockdown conditions, we are grateful that some time ago already we had in place:

  • Business continuity policies and plans

  • State-of-the-art data back-up systems with an offsite disaster recovery site

  • A work-from-home programme (catalysed by the City of Cape Town’s call for businesses to help reduce traffic congestion).

We encourage all South Africans to play their part in heeding the call of our President during this difficult time.

Above all, stay healthy and look after each other.