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FSCA warns the public against fraudulent online activity

It has come to the attention of the FSCA that there is a rogue domain called www.fscaza.com, which fraudsters used to send a phishing email to one of our service providers with the aim of soliciting financial gains.

This domain has also been redirected to our organisation’s legitimate domain (www.fsca.co.za) to mislead unsuspecting stakeholders into believing that it belongs to the FSCA.

Please note that www.fscaza.com is not a legitimate FSCA domain.

The Authority encourages you to remain vigilant and verify the authenticity of any communique you may receive from domains purporting to be the FSCA relating to financial transactions.

If you are unsure of any communication you have received from domains that purports to be the FSCA please contact us on the details below.



Financial Sector Conduct Authority

Email address: fscacommunications@fsca.co.za

Telephone: 0800 203 722

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