• Herman van Papendorp

Monthly Economic and Market Snapshot and Economies at a glance report - April 2020


  • United States (US): Consumers are increasingly feeling the effects of COVID-19, and more than half of surveyed respondents believe it will take more than four months for routines to return to normal.

  • Eurozone: Survey information indicates a souring in consumer sentiment, more so than in other major countries, as containment measures implemented to curb the spread of COVID-19 weighs negatively on consumer optimism.

  • United Kingdom (UK): The lockdown restrictions on business have had notable effects on staffing levels and working hours, which will dampen spending in the near term, despite relaxed credit conditions.

  • China: The economy experienced a staggering decline in growth in the first quarter of 2020, as production and spending came to a standstill during the country’s lockdown.

  • South Africa (SA): Early insight into the effects of the national lockdown and necessary containment measures on SA businesses suggest a significant hit to output and jobs.

  • Financial markets: Global equity markets staged a sharp rebound from the low reached on 23 March 2020, but investors remain wary that equities have rallied too far and too fast.

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