• Ben Karpinski

How I'm Learning To Play The Long Game Of Financial Freedom

You don’t need to be super rich to be financially free, but you do need to work hard and broaden your horizons to make that dream come true

When you’re a kid, you have a wonderful outlook on the world. By wonderful, I mean simplistic. You don’t have to worry much about money, or try to understand the concept of financial freedom.

It’s only when you get older, when you have a job and a home and a family to raise, that you start thinking – and worrying – about these things.

We’re told that only the super rich are truly financially free in this day and age. You need to own properties, run businesses, have passive income streams, share portfolios, and savings accounts. Your money needs to work as hard as you do. Only then can you enjoy financial freedom.

When I left the corporate world to start my career in sporting content creation, I never thought much about financial freedom. I was told I would struggle, and would never be ‘financially free’ by following my passion and creating a career for myself.

But I went ahead and did it anyway. I got to know what I was capable of earning, and what I needed to spend to live the way I wanted. I wasn’t looking to buy the fancy car, a big house, or a holiday home.

The idea of having kids also never appealed to me. I like to travel, and I like discovering new things. Each day I work towards a better tomorrow, the one I have resources for.

Financial freedom is a long game. But I know I can win it, because I’m playing it in line with who I am and what I want to achieve in life. My career has gone from strength to strength, and there aren’t a great many things that I want for.

There will be in future, but then it is up to me to adapt my career accordingly. I recently channelled my skills to become a partner and creative director in a creative sports agency. It is more work, but still enough to ensure my life has balance and the time to focus on other creative outlets.

I get to enjoy life, and I look forward to how things are going to play out from here. And the more I work on how that unfolds, the greater my chance of attaining that ultimate goal of financial freedom.