• Nick East and Bryon Sanders

If you think your mobile workforce is expensive and clumsy now... just wait until the "NEW NORM

Eventually, two-thirds of your office will work remotely, according to the experts. However, with all the benefits and convenience this comes with, productivity is erratic and measuring outputs almost impossible. How are your staff connected? Are they even connected? What are your staff doing at home? On the road? And what about your client data, is it being kept safe?

Your technical solution, or "tech deck" needs to be on the ball, or your business won't be. You can't miss a beat on any of these issues, or else you could be the one in three businesses that becomes another COVID statistic by the end of 2020.

For almost three decades, Itec has provided ICT solutions for companies across South Africa and beyond. We've been preparing our clients for remote working for years, and now it's time for our technology and your team to shine. We’re all about clear and hassle-free communication so we’re skipping the jargon and hard-sell tactics and getting straight to the point: here’s how we can make communication less of a pain and more of a pleasure for your business.

You have way too many cell phone and data contracts

As a business you were force by circumstance to enable your workforce to work remotely, but now you also have to pay for them to be remote.

With every new influx of staff or change of circumstance, they require new communication technology and contracts. Often, the most affordable package is purchased and because these “special deals” change with the seasons, eventually, you’re having to deal with several cellular networks and a multitude of data plans, each with their own unique characteristics, terms, service providers and challenges.

Dongles, airtime, data bundles, WiFi contracts, routers and a plethora of devices all make this a potential bird's nest geared for broken lines of communication. Nevermind the crippling admin.

There’s no way to know what everyone is doing with the company contracts, devices and data bundles either. A culture of accountability is almost impossible to establish when everyone does as they like with impunity. That’s just the reality, but it doesn’t always have to be.

Remote employees are great... but what are they really up to?

There’s no way to manage and keep an eye on productivity without monitoring and tracking. Everyone knows that conducting business purely based on faith and guesswork won’t do your business any favours in the long run.

You need data, feedback and results to set a course for success. That means being in the know.