• Kenny Meiring MBA CFP ®

What can we learn from the Spanish flu?

Another month has passed, and it is time for us to step back and get some perspective


Things are starting to get real on this front.

The negatives

  • As the disease has progressed, many of our friends and family getting ill and, in some instances, dying. I was really rattled by some deaths that were close to home this month.

  • We have rocketed up the Covid infection table and now have the 5th highest number of Covid infections in the world

  • Alcohol has been banned again

The positives

  • Based on what has happened in the rest of the world, New Covid infections follow a pattern.

It will get better! I have taken the bold step of booking a end of year holiday

  • The progress towards finding a vaccine is looking positive. The frontrunner is the one from Oxford University – this is particularly good news for many of my clients as it makes up 5% of the Sygnia fund that I have been recommending since last year

  • The death rate in South Africa is significantly lower at 1.5% than it was when Europe peaked at 6%. We haven’t peaked as a country yet but these initial numbers are promising

If you are interested in finding out more about Covid, the chief medical officer of one of the big life assurance companies will be hosting a webinar next Tuesday at 5.30pm. Drop me a line and I will forward you an invitation


The JSE grew by 3.4% over the past 30 days – despite a couple of ups and downs. We do expect there to be lots of these ups and downs over the coming months.

Interest rates

We are expecting interest rates to be reduced again – it is currently 3.75%. Great news for those with debt but bad for those who are living off fixed deposits