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Earth Day 2021: Responsible investing can’t take back seat as the world returns to business as usual

With world markets steadily returning to pre-Covid 19 levels, rebuilding lost profit is a top priority for investors and their advisers. However, this should not mean that responsible investing should take second place to growing investment value. In fact, responsible investing principles should be the foundation to grow value while also achieving sustainable results.

In light of International Earth observed on 22 April 2021 under the theme Restore Our Earth, Mike Adsetts, Deputy Chief Investment Officer at Momentum Investments, says that while investors have grown environmentally and socially conscious in recent years, there is a risk that investors might once again return to more conventional investment choices to rebuild profits lost due to the global pandemic. “The world has changed quite rapidly over the last year, and new, sustainable business models have proven to be much more viable to overcome a challenging economic climate.

We would argue that by choosing to invest your money in companies that are committed to sustainable and responsible practices, investors will be ensuring that their long-term investments grow in a more meaningful way. It’s about putting one’s money behind the viable businesses of tomorrow and a more socially and environmentally sustainable post Covid world.”

He echoes the sentiments of Kristalina Georgieva, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund , who commented that governments and investors must ensure they are focused on building a resilient, sustainable future that could deal with the shocks of a changing climate already imposed upon us.

Responsible investing does not mean forgoing returns to help the environment or effect social change. Rather, responsible investing is about using your money to make a positive influence, while earning returns in the process,” Adsetts concludes


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