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Emerging Asset Manager Survey Listed Investments - February 2022

ESG Investing

A question Trustees and asset owners should be asking their consultants regarding ESG is:

“What exactly does ESG in a South African Context mean?”.

In our view its means taking account of the history of South Africa and identifying the highest priorities that our country has and matching those to ESG investing. This means we should prioritise the focus on the “S” in ESG…


Because “S” - Social is about Humanity..! And looking at South Africa’s deep societal issues we are faced with like Poverty, Inequality and Unemployment, “S” should be all of our highest priority.

When looking at Transformation as a way to solve some of these societal issues, it makes sense that Transformation should be prioritised as a big part of the definition of the “S” in ESG.

If you and I embrace ESG as part of our investment decision making process, when we analyse companies, we are acting to:

1) Encourage company management to consider the “S” in ESG, hence taking account of Transformation, when making business decisions

2) We are broadened the minds of Asset Owners to hold companies accountable for their role in driving Transformation for harder impact on society

We believe that Transformation by its very nature is about sharing.

As always looking forward to hearing from you.

MOTSWEDI - Listed Investments Survey - February 2022
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